The Final Garden Post, I Promise

There are a few details that I just did not have space to mention in the two previous posts. Take my shoes for instance….

They’re a lot more comfortable than they look.

I love these shoes, but I very rarely have an opportunity to wear them. Both Husband and Zoey told me that the Botanical Gardens were probably not the best location to show them off, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. I got comments on them all day (good and bad), so I was happy I wore them.

Something else I’d like review at the NYBG is their food. They have two cafes for dining or snacking in the Gardens. We had lunch at The Garden Café, and were mostly impressed with our selections. Between us we had veggie and meat chili, butternut squash soup, a veggie wrap, two different meat sandwiches, fries and coffee.

mmmmm…veggie wrap

The vegetarian chili was very good, the butternut squash soup, however, not so good. Now it was not bad, but it should definitely be listed under dessert. This soup is crazy sweet. It was a disappointment because I expected a different taste, but if I had ordered hot pudding it would have been completely acceptable.

Butternut squash pudding, anyone?
The French Vanilla Coffee was exactly what I needed

Besides the food in the restaurants, there is food found in the gardens! We found fresh apples that had just fallen from an apple tree, AND we found the “The Edible Garden”! This garden is meant for people to get down and dirty…in the literal sense, not the dirty sense. You can plant seeds, look for worms, and even do a little taste testing. We missed the cooking demonstrations, but I did find a few ripe grape tomatoes at the bottom of the vine, just waiting for me.

The Edible Garden

During our tour, we were very surprised to see thousands of bicyclists all gathered towards the exit of the Children’s Garden. We could not figure out what was going on, so naturally, we headed towards the free pizza and Powerade to solve the mystery. By the time I reached the pizza table I learned that we had stumbled upon the end of the Tour de Bronx. (It’s the largest free cycling event in New York State.)

The tour ended in a free musical festival at the garden.

That’s it, there’s nothing else I can possibly say about the NYBG. We loved our trip, and are already planning the next visit! Thanks again to the Gardens for sponsoring me!


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  1. Love those shoes! 😀

  2. What are the heels made of?

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