If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

My last “nail blog” I wrote simply about Sally Hansen’s magnetic polish, which was great. However, after a couple days, I decided to add a littler flare to my magnetized nails. So, I did what all great Pinterest girls do… I got out my scotch tape, scissors, and complimenting colored polish, and got to work.













First, I actually used my left hand to try 5 different styles. After choosing my favorite, I used my right hand for a final product.

I used the scotch tape to cover everything but a triangle at the tip of each nail.


Then, I painted purple over every nail, and let it sit for a few minutes


After removing the tape, and letting the polish dry, I simply topped it off with a clear coat.


I used Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear – Purple Potion and their Magnetic –Kinetic Copper.  Big thanks to Sally Hansen’s for sponsoring this post! Can’t wait to try out more styles!



2 Replies to “If I Can Do It, Anyone Can”

  1. Cute! Looks great!

    1. thank you! I’m getting a little better each time

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