Weekly Dose of Glamour

I work so hard 5 (sometimes 6) days a week. I love my job, and I put my whole heart into it those 5 or 6 days, so on my days off I like to feel rewarded and relaxed. I also work in sweats or yoga pants, so I like to feel a little glamorous at least one day out of the weekend. I typically start my weekend with a Frappuccino that Husband makes for me, and continue it with a day out somewhere trendy in Manhattan.

Last Sunday, we chose to spend all day in Chelsea. We shopped in Chelsea market, the Urban Space-Meatpacking District, and a temporary market at the Biergarten. We got Roberta’s beesting pizza (again), shopped in a mobile accessories truck, and found some pretty awesome headgear.

You would not believe the amount of accessories being sold inside this very trendy truck!

After all the shopping and walking, we decided to explore The Standard. The Standard is very trendy hotel that goes right over the highland. It has a fabulous rooftop bar complete with a creperie. We lounged on their giant cushioned seats and basked in the sunlight. Just being around tons of trendy people with cocktails in their hands makes me feel tranquil, spontaneous, and careless.

Could the day get any prettier?
The astroturf is a nice touch.
Sunset on the water

REALLY soaking it all in
They stamp everyone’s wrist before entering. I never learned why…

After all that glamour I went home, put my yoga pants back on, and ate frozen pizza for dinner…my own little version of luxury. A frozen coffee and a day out is exactly what I need to wind down before starting another week of long hours and deadlines. Any of you have a weekend ritual or a favorite way to relax? I’m always looking for something new to try!


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