In case you haven’t heard, Hurricane Sandy is currently hitting NYC, and several other cities. We are very fortunate that we live on the Upper East Side and therefore are not in any danger….yet. I have a feeling it will stay that way too. This hurricane has caused a lot of problems already, like canceling LOTS of flights, including one from TX that is supposed to be carrying one of my best friends and her husband. Boo.

Sucks…BUT the bright side is that I get at least one extra day off work AND I get to spend all day inside in my pj’s! I LOVE days like this! All there is to do is eat, drink, paint my nails, watch TV, read, and relax. Husband, however, can’t stand to sit still (and neither can his Father), so the two of them spent the day walking around the virtually empty city before the weather gets too rough.

The East River, not flooded yet…

Almost every store and restaurant is closed, so there is really no reason for anyone to be outside.

Even the parks closed
My gym is taking advantage of the storm by offering “hurricane deals”.
A few of the local bars are going to stay open and have their own Hurricane party.
Sad…no Starbucks
I guess they figure they’ll get a lot of business since there’s nothing else to do…

The stores that did close took precautions by taping up their windows and lining the doors with sandbags.

So odd to see the steps of the MET completely empty.

Tonight we’ll have a little Hurricane party complete with cookies and pumpkin carving!

Stay safe NY and anyone else being affected by the hurricane! Also, thanks to the many people who have called, emailed, and messaged us to make sure we are safe. We feel so loved!


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  1. Stay in and stay safe. xxx.

  2. We don’t even have a hurricane here and Scott and I have been lounging around allll day (doing absolutely nothing!)…ha ha! We will see y’all Friday..stay safe and dry until then 🙂

    1. haha well you deserve to relax after putting up with all the airline drama! Can’ wait to see you!!!

  3. I’m glad you are safe. The precautions make me laugh. Those nine sandbags won’t do a thing if it actually hit. I’m jaded being in Florida. I’m sorry you didn’t get Starbucks. That’s the most tragic part of this story!

    1. I know! I had to have Husband make me a frappacino! Poor me! haha And, yeah growing up on the coast in TX I went through a lot of hurricane evacuations too, and I thought the same thing about the sandbags and the tape on the windows, so funny! I think everyone just did anything they could think of as quick as they could.

  4. Loved your “Hurrication” post title, and the “We’re not afraid of anyone named Sandy” sign really made me laugh. Great photos, enjoyed the tour thru the deserted city. Glad you fun with the whole business! : )

    1. Thanks! Yes, whoever wrote that sign is pretty clever! We are lucky that we get to enjoy ourselves during this storm…so many people aren’t near as lucky.

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