Living on the Street With the Good Candy

Happy Day-After Halloween! I’m still on a candy high from yesterday (and today…) Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, our Halloween did not go quite like we planned. In fact, we did not get to do one single awesome thing we had planned; I couldn’t even wear a costume because all of my costumes were locked safely away at work. So, instead of attending the Village Parade, screaming in a Haunted House, or partying all night with one of my best friends we had breakfast with Dad-in-law, went to some museums, and spent the night watching trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.

Dad-in-law was finally allowed to fly back to Tennessee, but before his flight we had some last minute stops at the open (and very crowded) museums on the Upper East Side. The Guggenheim recently opened the “Picasso Black and White” exhibit; I spent a lot of time searching for Picasso’s famous “Guernica”, which turns out to be in Spain…not NY. 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Last night, feeling sad for myself, I stayed cuddled on the couch with the windows down to feel the cool breeze. Around 6pm the noise started. There were kids laughing, parents yelling, dogs barking. By 6:15 the noise was so loud you could hardly hear the TV. I walked to the window and was shocked to see our street full of children in costumes. There were thousands of super heroes, princess, monsters, storybook characters, and pop stars running up and down the sidewalks and through the streets. We decided to throw on our coats and run downstairs to get a better look.

We had to put Belle in her costume first, duh!

Look! Belle made friends!

We walked a few blocks down but realized that our street was by far the most popular street around. On most of the streets though, the ends of the streets were blocked so kids could walk around without having to worry about cars, and tons of brownstones went ALL OUT on their Halloween decorations.

It was obvious which houses had the best candy…

It was so great to see so many families out and about making the best of this holiday after such a devastating weekend.

So many cuties!

No one seemed to mind trick-or-treating in midst of Hurricane debris.

Before going in we made sure to get a family picture.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Mine turned out to be much better than I thought, AND now it’s officially the start of my Birthday Month! Let the festivities begin!


4 Replies to “Living on the Street With the Good Candy”

  1. Love Belle’s costume! It stinks our Halloween didn’t turn out as planned but glad to see it didn’t stop families from some Halloween fun 🙂 So glad you will be here for your birthday and then soon after that… NY watch out! Love and miss you xoxo

    1. I’m convinced that your December trip is going to turn out 100 times better then the October trip would have been! And I CANNOT wait to be in TX!!!!!!!! miss you more!

  2. Btw..looks like we missed out on some cool decorations!

  3. That sounds like something out of a movies! Cute pics!

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