I Work Hard For the Money

After working a grueling 5 hours this morning (yay half-days!), I ran home, grabbed my suitcase and Husband, and hopped on a train headed to JFK airport. Why??? Because I’m spending my weekend in my most favorite place….no, not Sephora… DISNEY WORLD!

Our annual passes are about to expire, AND we got tickets to preview the new Fantasyland, AND it’s opening weekend of the Osbourne Family Spectacular of Lights, AND it’s the last weekend of the Food and Wine Festival! Woohoo party!

I am so pumped that the airport lines, and even all the screaming kids on our flight, can’t get me down. (I always forget how loud and annoying flights to Orlando are…I must block that from my memory after each trip.)

Now, I sit here, seat 22A, drinking my coffee AND ginger ale, eating my free chips AND cookies (love JetBlue), Nook in hand, and watching free movies. This, my friends, this, is how every great relaxing weekend should start.

Gettin’ my blog on
Step Up 4 was on…it was painful, but I watched just to get to great dance scenes.
Husband thought it necessary to document the excruciating pain I went through as we were descending. My ears were killing me!

I take the phrase “work hard, play hard” very literally. I love my job, and the feeling I get when I see the benefits of all my devoted time. I tend to throw my whole self into work, and go, go, go, until I’m worn out and ready to turn my work brain off, and my vacation brain on. I’m sure that working until I’m burnt out is not the best plan, but that’s how I’m programmed.

I treat “playing hard” the same way I treat “working hard”. On any and every vacation I go, go, go, only stopping to eat or sleep. I vacation to the fullest, and relax until I’m bored and ready to go back to work…. Yeah right. I’m never tired of vacation! However, I do feel restored and prepared to work hardcore again.

I have a co-worker who completely disagrees with my habit. He doesn’t believe in vacation. What?! His plan is to work, work, work, until he has enough money in his savings to feel satisfied enough to take vacation time. Now, he may not “travel” on vacation, but he certainly “plays hard” around town. His way or releasing all the stress is to enjoy Manhattan’s nightlife…not a bad idea.

Another friend of mine has a different idea. She follows a specific formula of work, play time, and relaxation time for each day. When work is over, she leaves, and doesn’t take one thing home with her. She has allotted time for her family/friends, and then a little time for herself to wind down. This is her “survival plan”…again, not a bad idea.

I’ve tried these working habits, and even a few others, that just don’t work for me. So now, after a Hurricane, a snowstorm, an election, hundreds of teaching hours, lesson planning, meetings, and even babysitting, I’m done. Done and headed to Disney!

Now tell me, how do you survive the work week and the weekend?

Yay! Made it to Orlando!


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