Gamers in Disney

Every trip to Disney World, Husband and I try to find something we have never done before. This becomes more challenging with each trip, but never impossible. There is ALWAYS something new, or something we had previously missed. Or, in this case, something I have purposely avoided.

You know Magic: The Gathering? The trading card game? Yeah….me neither. There are apparently lots of trading card games out there besides Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh. I am not a gamer; it’s never been my thang, but Husband has always been a gamer. Any gamer knowledge I type about I learned from him. Have you heard of Magic? Devacurse? Quest?

If not, you are like me. If yes, you may be a twelve-year-old boy, and you may just LOVE the new game only available at the Magic Kingdom. It’s called Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom. The game involves collecting cards, opening magic portals, sorcerer training with Merlin, and fighting off villains to save the Magic Kingdom. It’s not too bad.

To start the game we simply had to show our park ticket at one of the kiosks located throughout the park. We started in Adventureland. The cast member handed us a Sorcerer’s Key Card, a stack of Spell Cards, and a special map.

Front and back of Spell Cards

We began our quest to save the Kingdom at a magic portal. To open the portal we swiped our key card. Instantly Merlin appeared and explained that Hades had taken over the Magic Kingdom, and had numerous other villains helping him. Oh no! It’s our job to stop them! At the end of our training, we were given a hint for where to find the next portal.

The magic keyhole
The windows that transform to portals

We followed our trusty map to the next portal and villain. To “fight” the villains, we had to carefully stand over a large symbol in front of the portal, select a Spell Card, hold it up to the portal, and BAM…the villain is defeated.

Large metal symbols were can be found in front of each portal.
Fighting a villain

Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun selecting spell cards as weapons. My favorites were the Snow White House Cleaning card and the Woozle’s Woozle Nightmare card. I was really shocked when I actually lost a battle! I assumed Disney would have the player win every battle, but that’s not the case. It made the game more fun this way.

Eventually I beat all the villains in Adventureland and did my part to keep the Magic Kingdom safe. I had fun trying something new, but one land of battles was plenty for me. I was just about to throw my Spell Cards away when Husband pointed out a group of players to me…

There was a group of boys, all over the age of 16, playing at a nearby portal. These boys each had a binder of different spell cards; nope, not a binder of women, a binder of spell cards. These were serious players and collectors. They were not just here for fun. I believe they were fighting a real battle. Before fighting their villain they checked the stats of each card: it’s class, it’s rarity, it’s strength and points.

I had NO idea this game had become so popular. Instead of throwing my cards out I found a little boy who was excitingly playing with his Dad and gave them all to him. He was thrilled to increase his collection. I was thrilled to be done and get in line for a dole whip.

Yay Dole Whips!

I’m glad we kept to our tradition of trying something new. The game was more fun than I anticipated. Although, I am not dying to play again, I was glad to see so many other people enjoying it. It’s true; Disney really does have something for everyone.


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