Happy Birthday to Me

I LOVE holidays and LOVE to make a huge deal out of every single one…especially my Birthday. I celebrate all month, make sure everyone knows, bring my own cupcakes to work, and use the excuse, “but it’s my birthday!” far too often. Husband took me to Disney last weekend to celebrate, but my actual Birthday may have been even more magical.

I was awoken by my phone buzzing and buzzing with voicemails, text messages, and Facebook comments from lots of friends and family sending me sweet Birthday wishes and singing to me off key. When I finally decided to get out of bed and grace the family with my presence I was surprised (scared actually) when I opened the bedroom door to a hallway full of balloons and streamers.

Husband knows that I take my Birthday very seriously and expect to celebrate like it’s a global holiday. He never fails to disappoint me… probably for fear of facing the consequences.

The rest of the morning was spent teasing the dog with balloons, watching the Macy’s day parade, drinking coffee, and helping Mom get the house and food ready for our family.

The poor dog got stuck under the ceiling fan.
I loved seeing the parade in person last year, but this way is much more comfortable.

I loved being able to celebrate my Birthday with the whole family. My anxiety was lower than it typically is at a large family affair, I got to share my balloons with my adorable little cousins, and was only reminded about my amount of child bearing years left a couple of times.

Perfect Birthday.


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