There’s a First Time for Everything

I have never bought a lottery ticket, ever. I do not play the lottery for all the obvious reasons. It is so unrealistic to think that I could possibly be the winner, so when the lottery gets ridiculously high (like over $500 million!), I find it fascinating! Everyone on Facebook posts their numbers, co-workers put their money together and promise to split the winnings, and its all the news can seem to talk about.

Several of my co-workers bought their own lottery tickets and were busy picking their numbers and chatting about their chances during lunch. I was interested…considering I have never bought one myself, but not interested enough to buy one. I mean, sure a few extra million bucks would be nice, but losing a few bucks would be very irritating.

An hour later I had this conversation with one of my  5 year old students…

5 year old: Oh! I just love your Eiffel Tower earrings!

Me: Thank you! I bought them at Disneyland Paris! (I sounded so proud to have actually been to Paris.)

5 year old: They remind me of my house in Paris.

Me:... Oh……well…. How nice.

Fast forward a few hours….

A friend of mine, also a lottery virgin went with me to get my very first lottery ticket. We had no idea how the lottery even works and had to actually read the directions on the back of the ticket! The line at the bodega was out the door and everyone in front of me seemed to be purchasing multiple tickets.

All I know is if I win I plan on purchasing this house.

Then, my earrings will remind me of MY house in Paris.

Good luck to all the other yuppies who played!


2 Replies to “There’s a First Time for Everything”

  1. I’m hoping someone I know wins because I wasn’t going to wait in line for ticket!

    1. I’ll buy you a gift if I win.

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