Food and Wine and More Food and More Wine

Husband and I attended Disney’s Food and Wine festival for the second time during our recent visit. We felt the need to make up for our previous experience. Last year, it down-poured the entire day and we had to run from booth to booth and shiver as we tried to warm ourselves with wine and damp food. This year was much more pleasant.

First, Being at Disney while everyone is either tipsy or completely sloshed gave us a whole new perception on the park. When we arrived I was hot and irritated with the long lines. I even wondered why on Earth everyone around me was in such a great mood. Not one person seemed to notice that they were squished between thousands of strangers and overpaying for all their food and drinks. A few booths later….I began to understand their giddiness.

The line for Ireland, Greek salad and pita bread, Greek wine, Irish Cheese plate, Chocolate lava cake with Bailey’s Ganache, and chilled Irish coffee

As soon as we arrived I discovered that EPCOT offers a “passport” to carry from country to country. In each passport is a list of all 30 countries, and each food and wine that country offers. After purchasing a food, or beverage or both, they stamp your passport and you can simply check off what you tried at each booth/country.

If you aren’t familiar with Disney’s food and wine let me give you a brief history…..It started in 1995 to bring food and wine lovers and connoisseurs together to sample specialties from around the world. It has grown over the last 18 years to offer more varieties, more classes, more demonstrations, and more performances each year. It’s probably the most adult event Disney offers, as well as the most delicious.

I think our photos will give you a good idea of how our experience went (we snapped shots of almost every item we bought!)…

Fancy French cocktails; Japanese Karaage hand roll, California roll, and sake strawberry mist; Florida Local pork rillette AND a “Florida Orange Groves Hurricane Class 5 Sangria”…longest name ever!
Husband drinking a Caribbean frozen dragon colada, ALL the food from the first and only vegan booth!, and a shrimp taco from Mexico

We also discovered a Chase Lounge in the Festival Center available for all Chase bank members during the festival.

It was super nice to get free drinks and COFFEE, a comfy couch to lounge on, and a large TV playing Disney cartoons to watch.

Shamefully, a few glasses of wine made me forget that I’m vegetarian… It’s only fish! And, I was starving!

A German apple strudel, hard apple cider, and a very yummy Maine lobster roll

We had the best time!

Isn’t he handsome?


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  1. A friend recently told me about this event. I was glad to see some documented evidence before I commit. 🙂

    1. It is definitely worth the trip! It’s so much fun and the food is fantastic!

  2. Awesome! I think Michael and I would really enjoy that!

    1. You would, plan your next Disney trip for the fall!

  3. I would love to do that too! Looks yummy and fun 🙂

    1. WE can make our own food and wine fest in NYC next week!

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