Best Advent Calendar Ever

I had every intention of keeping up the blog while spending my holiday vacation in Tennessee, but relaxing with our friends and family has taken up a lot more time than I anticipated. So, this post is a teensy bit late. Oh well. It’s time well wasted.

Husband is sometimes too good to me, and Christmas is one of those times. This year he bought me an advent calendar from Vosges Chocolate, my favorite chocolate shop. The box itself is beautiful and enormous. It’s adorned with gold trimming and letters and opens up to tell the story of “The Night Before Christmas”.

The outside of the advent calendar.
The outside of the advent calendar.



Each day offers a new gourmet chocolate, enough to share. These chocolates are so tasty I wish there were a way for me to share bites with you over the Internet.


The chocolate, however; turned out to be only half of my calendar. Husband decided to add a special just-for-me gift to each day. He used Sephora for most of the daily gifts because he knows me so well, but he even ventured to a few other cosmetic/girly stores to find me little goodies.


Some days I got nail polish, other days chap-stick, lotion, perfume, or even a small bottle of liquor. Waking up has never been so fun!

We have had a few advent calendars over the years, but this one is by far the best! Thank you Husband!


4 Replies to “Best Advent Calendar Ever”

  1. Good job Peter!

    1. Yeah, he’s pretty good at picking out gifts. He knows me too well.

  2. It was a great advent calendar! Next year I am definitely getting one. Thanks for letting us share yours for a few days 🙂

    1. of course! I’m glad you got to taste some of them, they are all so delicious!

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