A Funny Night

Zoey’s Birthday was this weekend and she chose to celebrate her special day at a free comedy show downtown. A friend of ours told her about the show in the lower east side (AKA Chinatown) and gave us an exact address, which is a rare thing to have in this city.

We made it downtown through the pouring rain and found ourselves standing in front of a tiny apartment building…no line…no bar…no people laughing…no sign of a comedy show. After doing some research via google, we discovered another address 2 blocks away.

We walked through more rain and found ourselves yet again, in front of another apartment building. This time though, we found a few strangers also in search of the free comedy show. Eventually, we traveled back through the rain to the first address and discovered the show was indeed in the building on the third floor.

We walked upstairs still searching for any sign of a comedy club, but only found a regular apartment door. We entered the large-open studio apartment and three guys drinking Budlight around a table looked up and said, “Here for the hostel?”


“Oh, the comedy show?”

“Yes!” we exclaimed, relieved to finally be in the right place. The middle of the studio was lined with fold out chairs so we found our seats and began eyeing the many beers lining the table. I asked if we go buy a drink and was told that ALL beers are free!

We left the house with beautifully curled hair....
We left the house with beautifully curled hair….
the audience
the audience
The stage area
The stage area

Woo! We got a drink and were just starting to get settled when the pizza arrived. Tons of cheese pizzas from Lombardi’s ALL FREE.

My most favorite pizza!
My most favorite pizza!

Where are we!?!?! Free show, free beer, free pizza??? Where’s the catch?

The show began and we were a little disappointed with the first act. The poor guy was shaking all over, and his jokes garnered only few laughs. We thought drinking more beer might be necessary to enjoy the next 9 acts. Luckily, that wasn’t necessary.


The various comedians that followed were hilarious. We laughed the next two hours away, and even got to hear some new material from one of SNL and Jimmy Fallon’s writer. We also learned that this hostel(?) hosts open mic nights all month, charging a few bucks to each comedian, then host a free show once a month for everyone to enjoy. Awesome.

After all the laughs I went home to laugh at this little cutie.

She held this in her mouth in this exact position for half an hour.
She held this in her mouth in this exact position for half an hour.

Happy Birthday Zoey! Thanks for taking us out with you!


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