It’s Texas Time

I am once again on a flight headed to Texas for the weekend.  It has not been an easy day with work, a 5-train trip to Newark, and a sprint through the airport to make it to my flight as they were checking in travelers on stand-by. It will all be worth it though… I am about to experience a weekend on steroids.

In a span of two days I will attend my honorary nephew’s 1st birthday party, a cousin’s wedding, a relative’s surprise party, AND I will be throwing my sister’s baby shower! Woo!

My week has been full of party planning, packing, an awesome new work project, tons of teaching, and of course LOTS of coffee. It’s been fun… exhausting, but fun.

I mentioned to Facebook friends that a child peed on me at work this week. Most of you thought this was funny, and I have to agree. It was funny. Although; if I did not have an extra pair of pants on hand, it would not have been quite so humorous.

I am pleased to tell you that this was not the only gross/comical incident that I experienced this week…

While teaching a group of three year olds a song called My Body is an Instrument, I said something along the lines of “Now, we will learn to make noises with different body parts.”

At that moment one precious little girl let out a ridiculously long grown-up fart.

I almost lost it. The comedic timing was too perfect. I was shaking all over as I tried to hold in the laughter. I wanted to say “Wow, you’re body really is an instrument!” Instead, I managed a “Oh, what was that?” As the students around me stared in awe, jaw dropped, at that massive toot.

The precious little girl looked me right in the eye and without skipping a beat said, “Must have been the broccoli.”

I lost it. There was no holding back. The entire room erupted in laughter for a good three minutes. It was a great moment. This is what I love about working with children, no matter how bad or crazy or exhausting my week is, they always find a way to make it better. God love em’.

I cannot wait to spend the weekend laughing with my friends, their kids, my family, and my future nephew! Can’t wait to share the adventure with you!


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