Who Wants A Turtle?! (giveaway)

Husband and I always have noise in the apartment. Sometimes we leave the TV on something familiar (like Friends), but often it’s music. Husband likes to listen to his favorite podcast, pop music, or rap music. He likes upbeat, fun music that makes you want to move.

I listen to music based on my mood, or how I want my mood to change. This can range anywhere between Beyonce, Frank Sinatra, Broadway tunes, and Jack Johnson. When I get in a music mood I turn it up loud and want to hear it wherever I go through the apartment.  The only problem with this is we do not have a stereo. I have to listen to music through either my phone or my laptop, and then carry them all around the apartment with me.

Sometimes I’ll put on headphones and just carry my iPod around the house with me, but this is my least favorite way to listen to music in the house. The headphones hurt my ears (I have abnormally small ears), and the ear buds often fall out of my ear, making it really difficult to dance around the living room.

I used to put my iPod or phone in a coffee mug too. The cup amplifies the sound and acts a speaker. I learned this trick from a friend, and was shocked at how well it works. However, sticking your phone in coffee mugs around my apartment is a dangerous task.

Not too long ago, Husband brought home a little iPod dock to keep me from leaving empty coffee mugs around the house. The dock is great; it’s loud and portable, but the batteries die way too quickly, and I’m back to the coffee mugs or headphones every few days.

Then, the Turtle arrived.

Pretty packaging makes me love it that much more
Pretty packaging makes me love it that much more

The Turtle is a wireless speaker that uses bluetooth to connect with most mobile devices. It’s made by Outdoor Tech, it’s dust and shock proof, AND water resistant (which I assume also means coffee resistant). Immediately, I loved the Turtle simply because it’s small and pretty. Before actually using it I had to charge it for about an hour and a half. It uses rechargeable lithium batteries, so it lasts about ten hours after being charged. Once it was ready I connected it to my iPhone using Bluetooth.


I put on Pandora and let the music bump. It sounded great and I tested it by bringing my phone all over the house to see if the connection stayed clear, it did. In the middle of jamming out to some 80’s classics, my phone rang. Although, not really my phone…the turtle rang. I answered, and was able to speak to my Mom through the turtle because it also acts as a speakerphone. It was clear enough that she didn’t even know I had her on speakerphone.


Later, I connected the Turtle to my laptop to watch episodes of The Office. We watch TV on our laptop every night in bed, and the Turtle is thoroughly improving our viewing experiences, which may or not be the best when trying to go to sleep. It can easily be mounted on anything, but I plan o moving it around too often to want to mount it.

small and easy to use
small and easy to use

I am really loving this little innovative speaker, AND I have some exciting news for you! Outdoor Technology has been generous enough to send me and extra Turtle so that I can host a giveaway!  Woohoo! Aren’t you excited???

All the goodies that come with it.
All the goodies that come with it.

So, for those of you who are tired of your ear buds and coffee mugs, here’s your chance to turn your music listening experience around. To enter the giveaway, simply “follow” my blog (enter your email and click the “follow” button in the lower right corner) and write a comment below about your favorite music to jam to at home. Winner will be announced in two weeks! (February 5th)

Cannot wait to hear what all of you listen to while dancing in your underwear!


P.S. The one that will be given away is black…goes with everything!

37 Replies to “Who Wants A Turtle?! (giveaway)”

  1. Walk off the Earth, Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, and of course Taylor Swift is the perfect underwear-dancing cheesy music. The turtle sounds amazing, crossing my fingers I’m the lucky lucky winner!

  2. I don’t need a turtle but I’m glad you don’t have to use coffee mugs!

  3. I love listening to 70’s rock and roll. There is nothing like music to take you back in time!

  4. PS: I like your new blog photo.

  5. The turtle looks pretty awesome! I love anything with a great beat to let the girls dance around the house! They love there music!

  6. Nashville Mom says: Reply

    I want a turtle but am I just too old. Would a turtle like show tunes and happy opera arias?

    1. o come on, no one is too old for a turtle!

  7. Nothing beats jam’n to some classic hits. From the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s ; ) Listening to my moms music and also being the youngest I also grew up listening to my older siblings taste in music. So I tend to be more partial to artists from Hendrix to Bee Gees. The Cure to Soundgarden. I ♥ it all (except country..ha! ) Rock on everyone 🙂

  8. Ashley Sanders says: Reply

    I love listening to anything 80’s and 90’s!

  9. Following! My fave music at the moment is Milk carton Kids, Patrick Watson, and The Flaming lips

  10. Dana Rodriguez says: Reply

    That is so awesome!We listen to alot of music so I know my fiance’ would LOVE this!Thanks for the chance 🙂 I follow by email and also tweeting @tatzgrrly

  11. Dana Rodriguez says: Reply

    I meant to add we are big fans of 80-90s rock

  12. Dad needs a Turle to get his jam on. Like Aunt Amy 70’s rock is hard to beat. I like good music period, which comes in all shapes and sizes. country, blues, etc. As long as its real, not electronically enhanced, I’m in.

  13. Previous comment from Dad

  14. This turtle is awesome!!! I love all types of music – I usually dance around to some Bon Jovi then switch it up to Robyn. When my 6 year old nephew comes over I’m forced to switch the music to “Who let the dogs out” lol

    1. haha 6 year olds do have the best taste in music!

  15. "Washboard" Steve says: Reply

    This thing looks pretty snazzy. If I had one, I would take some Play-doh and googly eyes, and make it look more like a real turtle. Then I would take it with me on every canoe trip and he’d sit up at the front and keep a look out for snakes.

    1. I want to give you the turtle just because i love this answer SO much

      1. "Washboard" Steve says: Reply

        Almost forgot, I would listen to Taj Mahal, and bluegrass. And the turtle’s name will be Turbo.

  16. Mark zimbicki says: Reply

    I want a turtle! If I don’t win I may buy one.

  17. mark zimbicki says: Reply

    how many speakers are in it, and how much is it?

  18. Dan Bigglesworth says: Reply

    Hi. omfg i want that turtle so bad! If I win I promise to never feed belle anything but local organic gluten free vegan dog food and ill buy her anything she wants from trixie and peanut. Im really into show tunes and glee and the Pitch Perfect soundtrack. Ill bump that shit all over my house if i get that turtle.

  19. I want the turtle! We listen to everything in this house. My son, 18 months, personally loves Johnny Cash. We jam to 80/90s rock, oldies, red hot chili peppers, david crowder band… variety!

  20. Kelly Johnson says: Reply

    If i win, I would love to give this turtle to my dad. He’ll be turning 70 this year & it would make a wonderful birthday gift! He lives with us & is always playing “his” music for Hannah & Ella, but his lap top & iPod speakers are not loud enough for the three of them to listen without sitting very close or taking turns with ear buds. If he had a turtle, the girls could also share “their” music with him & show him their awesome dance moves! 😀

    1. Don’t tell anyone…but I hope he wins! That’s just too sweet!

      1. Kelly Johnson says: Reply

        Awww…Thanks! 🙂 It’s neat to see them together! Love they get this quality time together.

  21. I would like to win the Turtle! My iPhone and iPad’s speakers are good, but not like real speakers.

  22. I love listening to some R&B when I am alone working on my moves. I also l love listening to country music and dancing with my daughter! She loves it when I twirl and dip her!

    1. Luke!! You are such a good daddy!

  23. That is so cool that you have these giveaways. When JT isn’t in control of the music or making music, I have lately been stuck on Snow Patrol, Head and the Heart and Jon Foreman’s solo stuff!! 🙂

  24. Recently I have been listening to Band of Horses, Radiohead, Fiction Family, Kopecky Family Band, The Decemberists, INXS, as well as many other bands!

  25. Rachel and I listen to Pandora most if the time and our favorite stations, that we created, are “City of Colour” and “The Black Keys” stations.

  26. You crack me up! I love catching up on your fabulous life, I’m a little behind though…only in December!
    You can never go wrong with Taylor Swift, but I’ll say First Aid Kit, Of Monsters and Men and Eisley so I sound well rounded!

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