Cement Bags (Giveaway!)

I’m a girl. I love shoes. I love bags. I love Target. And, I love chocolate. I like to believe that stereotypes are false, but in this case they are spot on. When I moved to New York I got rid of most of my belongings. We had to clean out our crap in order to fit comfortably in a NY apartment. Now…almost 2 years later…my shoe and bag collection have doubled (I swear they are reproducing) and are definitely taking over the closets, walls, hooks, and doorknobs.

Even with ALL of my bags, I was still looking for one more. I needed a duffel bag. I am always lugging around my work clothes, workout clothes, extra shoes, nook, iPad, bottle of water, snacks, my giant agenda, and a plethora of junk. Most days I leave the house with a purse and a tote bag. Tote bags are the best, but I needed a bag with zippers. Why don’t any tote bags have zippers???

Anyhow, I recently found my perfect duffel bag. It’s cute, it’s not bulky, it’s eco-friendly and it’s even educational. The company’s mission statement explains it all:

Concrete is the most consumed man-made material on earth and more than half of all the world’s concrete consumption occurs in Asia. Unfortunately, accurate data for Asia is not available. As a comparison, the U.S., the third largest consumer of concrete behind India and China, throws away about 39 million bags of concrete per year. Therefore, in Asia nearly triple that number of bags is wasted each year. Lastly, concrete bags are produced mainly from dwindling oil and natural gas resources. Besides immense CO2 emissions, concrete consumption produces waste when transporting it via bags. Instead of these bags ending up in landfills, we believe these bags should be repurposed into useful, fun, and fashionable items.

My bag is made from a used cement bag. It isn’t soft and it’s a little crunchy, but it’s my new favorite bag.

My elephant bag the day I got it.
My Concrete Mode bag the day I got it.
walking home with my new bag, don't I look sporty?
walking home with my new bag, don’t I look sporty?

Concrete Mode is so awesome and generous that they would like to host a giveaway here on Positively Panicked! Woohoo!

We are giving away a Blue iPad case. Here are some photos of the recycled iPad case with my iPad.

It's a plus that elephants are my favorite animals.
It’s a plus that elephants are my favorite animals.
the back
the back



IMG_4534 IMG_4537

If you like the case (and you know you do) please follow my blog and leave a comment below telling me what you love most about your iPad or your tablet. I love mine because I have every episode of Sex and the City on it. Late at night, when I’m feeling anxious and can’t calm my thoughts long enough to sleep, I turn on my iPad and let Carrie and the girls calm my nerves.

Winner will be announced in two weeks! (February  16th)

Now, if I could just find somewhere to organize all these bags…


15 Replies to “Cement Bags (Giveaway!)”

  1. Can we enter if we don’t have a tablet or iPad?? I would use it to hold my nook, charger, and some money…. or whatever else I want to keep organized in a bigger bag. That elephant cement bag is super cute, too!

    1. UHH Yes! Of course, you can use the case for whatever floats your boat.

  2. I don’t have an iPad but my 2 girls do! They love to listen to music and play temple run! The new favorite game they play! Love reading your blog btw.

    1. Thanks Randi!!! And I think you deserve to get the next iPad in your family!

  3. I would love to have the iPad cover! I’m tired of plain black boring one. I’ve had it for a couple of years.

    1. oh yes the Concrete Mode case would be much more exciting and fun!

  4. Hey I am the artsy fartsy recycling queen..i need it LOL! For whatever floats my boat!!!!! So good to always read your posts..love them!

  5. I only have a nook right now but life is so much better to read books on it instead of my cellphone.

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  7. Angie Whinnery says: Reply

    I love my iPad the most when I can get my hands on it. The kids can’t seem to put it down long enough for me to use it. Maybe I win the bag and hide it in there!!! Love the bag and enjoy reading your blogs every time you post one. Keep them coming!!!!

  8. I love my iPad! It is definitely something that I use at night to occupy my thoughts and calm down from a busy day.

  9. I am reading positively panicked on my iPad now. it is the best thing about it!

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