The Turtle Winner!

I was so excited to pick the winner of this giveaway that I drew a name at exactly midnight last night. To be as fair as possible I used one of the online apps that draw a random name for you. I chose a cute app that looks like a slot machine, pulled the lever, and voila!

Sooooo….drumroll please…..


The turtle in all its glory.
The turtle in all its glory.

Congratulations Dan! I hope you enjoy dancing around in your underwear to your fav broadway show tunes and pop music!

Send your mailing info to and I’ll get it shipped to you ASAP. If you did not win (I’m so sorry! I was rooting for you!) you can still purchase a Turtle from Outdoor Tech, as well as several other cool products.

Don’t forget there is another giveaway ending on February 16th! Don’t miss your chance to win the eco-friendy iPad case.



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