Night gone wrong

I am typing this post from my iPad because my lappytoppy is on the fritz tonight…as is everything else. I had plans tonight. BIG plans. I planned to put on my Super Woman cape and do it all. I had my lists and everything. I had work articles to write, rooms to clean, yoga to do, nails to paint, a photoshop lesson to master, lesson plans to finish and of course, a blog to write.

Wweeelllll I did my photoshop lesson which sent my computer into a meltdown making it impossible to do a few other tasks. Fine, I thought…I’ll clean.

While running the water in the bathroom sink I walked out to pick up the living room while the water heated up. When I returned the entire bathroom was flooded. Someone accidentally left the washcloth in the sink….whoops.

After drying the bathroom floor I decided I needed some zen and moved on to yoga. I am currently working on a yoga mat review so Husband came in to take some photos for me…and I fell…on my head.


Thank God Husband was there to capture this beautiful moment.

Now, it’s midnight, I’m wiped out from my 10 hour work day and I am typing this with one hand because the other is soaking in a salt-water solution. I discovered a cuticle infection while painting my nails.

I am going to fall asleep to the witty quips of Lorelei Gilmore and wakeup to a much brighter day.


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  1. Lappytoppy. Lol!

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