Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I know this is a cheesy holiday that’s heavily influenced by card and candy companies, but I don’t care, I love it! I love the red, the pink, the hearts, the classroom parties, the cute cards, the conversation hearts and boxes of chocolate. I love sending cards to my friends and my family. I know we should show our loved ones how much we care about them ALL year, but what’s wrong with doing something extra special on today?

Just like “Birthday week” I try to do small acts of love for Husband all week. Nothing crazy, just little things to let him know I am thinking of him. On Tuesday, I had lunch delivered to him while I was at work. Wednesday, I left him a nice note on his laptop, and today…well you will just have to wait because I’m not about to blow his surprise now!

Valentine’s is extra special for us because this is also when we celebrate our anniversary (the dating one). We say that we started dating on February 17th (no one knows the actual day), but we celebrate these holidays together…usually turning into a week of celebrating. I’m getting really good at stretching out celebrations to last an entire week.

So, to celebrate our 8 years together here are 8 photos of us…one for each year.

2005: The year we met. A couple of weeks after meeting I convinced Husband to dress as Peter Pan and attend a costume/pajama party with me as Tinkerbell.



2006: Our very first anniversary Husband surprised me by taking me to NYC (for the first time!) to see Wicked. He still has the best surprises.


2007: We took our first international trip together to the Dominican Republic…and yes…I got ALL of my hair braided. Let the mocking commence now.


2008: While Husband was working in Minneapolis I made a special trip to visit him. I came home with five extra pounds thanks to all the great food we discovered.


2009: I graduated with my Master’s in Elementary Education! Woo!


2010: This was taken at 5am in Tokyo at their famous fish market. We got up at 4am to watch the crazy auctions and discovered they were closed that day! We stayed and enjoyed the sunrise anyways.


2011: We went to Iceland where we went snow mobiling, lava-tube caving, snorkeling, and iceberg hiking!


2012: Our Honeymoon in Costa Rica! (I know Husband is squinting in a lot of pictures, but I’d like to say that it’s really hard to find a picture I approve of myself and Husband with open eyes.)


Happy eight years Husband! Here’s to many many more adventures together!


Hey, my eyes are close here! We’re even.


6 Replies to “Will You Be My Valentine?”

  1. Awww! Love the pics!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both! Today is also Uncle Michael’s birthday.

    1. aww happy birthday Uncle Michael!

  3. Love, live the pics!

    1. thank you, but I’m sure you love every pic of me 😉

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