Ipad Case Winner!

It's a plus that elephants are my favorite animals.

Big thanks to everyone for reading my stories and entering to win the “Cement Bag” giveaway from Concrete Mode. Before announcing the winner I’d like to share my happy news…

The doctor called and said that I am perfectly healthy (minus the anxiety, panic attacks, and high blood pressure). After ALL the testing the only “problem” they discovered was a lack of vitamin D. So yay me! I can finally have a little peace of mind.

Now,  what you really care about….the winner of the super cool eco-friendly trendy fun amazing iPad case is…..

Kelly Smith!

Congratulations Kelly! Email me your mailing information to positivelypanicked@gmail.com and I’ll send you your gift ASAP!

Don’t forget to check out Concrete Mode. They have lots of really cute products made from repurposed cement bags!


2 Replies to “Ipad Case Winner!”

  1. ooh what a cool company!

    1. Yeah they are pretty awesome, but I love anyone who is eco-friendly and trying to help the world!

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