My First Fashion Week Experience

One of the best things about living in NY (I start a lot of blogs with that line…guess there are a lot of good reasons to live in this city) is the fashion. Walking down 5th Avenue and Madison is just as artistic an experience as walking through the Met. Shopping in Soho is almost as entertaining as exploring the Harijuku district in Tokyo. Bergdorf Goodman’s is like walking through a classic movie where you’d expect to run into Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Wood. Most of these beautiful places are outrageously expensive, but still fun to look, and sometimes try on the merchandise.

People-watching in New York is another great way to admire fashion. Between the tourists, the divas, the rich, the poor, the young and the old you get a bit of it all. One afternoon in front of the Plaza, and you are likely to see Louboutin’s, cowboy boots, bare feet, Chanel flats, Adidas, Prada pumps, and crocs walk past. Even the subways are carrying Gucci bags next to H&M purses.

As much as I love fashion I have never attended a fashion show. Sis-in-law has been fortunate enough to work for fashion week here in NYC, and during the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week she was able to scrape up tickets for us at the last possible minute. I got the message when I got off work and ran out the door to catch a cab immediately. There was no way I was going to miss a chance to experience fashion week.

lincolncenter pass

We were not disappointed with our experience. I got a walk through backstage and saw the models preparing for the show. It’s as hectic and full of glitter as you would imagine. You can taste the hairspray on the sidewalk outside the showroom.


The show itself was oh-so glamorous. The clothing was brilliant, but not so outrageous that only a runway model could pull it off. The shoes were unbelievable. Bedazzled high heels: brilliant. Bedazzled pointe shoes: genius. They certainly knew how to appeal to this girl.

lots two pointe IMG_4531

After the show we explored the convention area which was decked out with advertisers, giveaways, fashionistas, food and free magazines. I could have spent all night drinking champagne and watching the parade of designer goods stroll from booth to booth.


Thank God I wore leggings instead of yoga pants to work that day. As long as I kept my coat on I could blend in well enough with the rest of the fashion-loving crowd.

What a great experience.


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