Disneyland, the Final Frontier


Arriving to Disneyland was a surreal experience. After realizing that we are finally experiencing EVERY Disney park in the world and the very FIRST Disney park ever made, I had that sinking feeling that everything is just too good. I don’t deserve this…something terrible must be lurking in the near future.

I hate that when good things happen my mind turns to fear and tries to twist a positive event into impending doom. Before we even arrived to our hotel I was already sad that we were checking this off our bucket list… In my mind something good has to be balanced out with something terrible. Thankfully my Celexa prescription and Husband’s calming reminders quickly stopped my destructive train of thought. The negative thoughts tried to take over throughout the weekend, but I never let them win.

Sunday morning we were up at 6am and excited to see what Walt himself designed years ago. We basically ran through Disneyland’s gates right down the middle of Main Street. My first thought is that it is very similar to Magic Kingdom, but much more nostalgic. I was worried the park might look old or outdated, but who was I kidding, it’s Disney! How could it be anything less than magical?




The biggest difference is that every land is much closer together than in Magic Kingdom. We started in Adventureland and began making our way around the park. The lines were surprisingly short and the weather was surprisingly cold.


Tarzan's tree house
Tarzan’s tree house

IMG_4827 smallworld splash

A few of my favorite things? First, Haunted Mansion because it is just be-a-utiful! I love the New Orleans themed mansion.


I also fell in love with the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. You actually get to go underwater and on a journey to find Nemo…so stinkin’ cute!


The Pirates of the Caribbean is enormous, has a restaurant inside the ride, AND a Disney Dream Suite in the attraction!



The pancakes only because they are Mickey pancakes. Do they have these in Disneyworld??? I only remember Mickey waffles…



AND, this Disney park has a petting zoo with goats, sheep and even a baby cow!


We ended the night with two amazing shows. First, Fantasmic…just as great as the Fantasmic in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and almost identical. The biggest and best difference was the pirate ship scene that featured a battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook. I wish we got better photos because this one does not to it justice.


The last show was the fireworks show at Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It was similar to Wishes (my fav fireworks show), but included fireworks around Main Street, fire, and some laser action.

IMG_5040 copy

Before they kicked us out of the park we spent a little time admiring Walt’s apartment. He had a real apartment on Main Street right above the firehouse and they still leave a lamp lit for him every night.


Day one was magical! Stay tuned for our day at California Adventure!


8 Replies to “Disneyland, the Final Frontier”

  1. Disneyland looks amazing. I think it would be more magical going there with kids though. (or AS a kid. But that ship has come and gone, haaah).

    1. Yeah, we are pretty pumped about bringing our kids to disney, when that day comes, but we are obviously childish enough to still love Disney ourselves!

  2. Amazing trip!! We are planning our trip there now. I’ve been once when I was a kid, but have been dreaming of seeing Walt’s original land as an adult. 🙂

  3. Wow!!! Looks amazing…I would love to ride The Haunted Mansion ride there 🙂

    1. It was very similar to the one in DisneyWorld, but the outside of it was so cool!

  4. I’ve always wanted to go there!! Been to WDW a dozen times but I can’t seem to convince my husband to go to Disneyland. Looks like fun. Enjoy!!

    1. Tell him that he will LOVE Cars Land! My husband that this new land was amazing….It’s every little boy’s/big boy’s dream! haha

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