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For most of my life I have carried around a ridiculously large purse. In high school I used it to tote books, snacks, water, notes, extra clothes and makeup. In college I used it to carry my books, snacks, water, notes, extra clothes, makeup and my phone. In my career…well you get the idea. Over the last 5 years I have gotten horrible back problems (though I’m sure the giant purse and bulging disc are in no way related) so I have tried to convert to a smaller purse.

Most days I can manage to use a small sling bag, but some times I just need more space. Some days I need my laptop, sometimes I need an extra pair of shoes, and sometimes I need an extra sandwich. Luckily, I recently discovered the Gisele.


This bag is the perfect purse. It is created by Loblee, and she claims that it’s the ultimate camera bag, perfect for Mothers, and can accommodate basically every girly need. I was lucky enough to receive this magical bag, but I thought it sounded a little too good to be true, so I decided to put it to the ultimate test….a day at Disneyland.

purse gisele IMG_5110

As you can see, it’s a big bag, but it holds EVERYTHING. The strap is comfortable and has a shoulder pad so it never cuts into my shoulder or collar-bone.  I was able to carry my camera, phone, snacks, water bottles, wallet, maps, anxiety medication, and mascara easily and keep them all organized. This purse is uber-organized. Like most ladies, I am guilty of losing everything in the black hole that is my purse, but this bag makes that nearly impossible.

I walked around with this bag from 8am until 11pm and I must say it was very useful and rarely a burden. I could bring it on EVERY single ride, but it did get a little heavy after about 6 hours of walking around the park. Thank God Husband doesn’t mind carrying a purse every once in a while.

loblee iphone

The bag and I both needed a break.
The bag and I both needed a break.

Now that we are back in NYC I have been using the bag for work and I love how easy it is to locate all of my stuff! I can only imagine how useful this bag would be for Moms! There are little pockets and special zippers hidden all over this bag! There are even special tiny pockets for memory cards, so handy!

spots metro


Thank you Loblee for letting me check out your product! It is awesome and what every woman needs! If you are interested in getting your own Gisele, you can get it here, and they have even given us a code, just for Positively Panicked readers, for $35 off your purchase, +PANICKED (all caps), so you really have no excuse not to get one!

Do you any of you have a favorite bag or type of bag you use everyday?


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