Some Left Over Magic


There’s still a little bit of Disney magic and romance left to share from my surprise vacation. I never even got to the food we ate, and this may have been the best Disney food we’ve experienced….except maybe our meal at the Beast’s Castle. Did you know that Disney now has Starbucks?! And not the “we serve Starbucks’s coffee” here Starbucks, but an actual Starbucks, with frappacino’s lattes, soy milk and everything!


We ate lots of snacks and goodies all day, but that did not keep us from indulging in the famous Disney Dole Whips! This dairy free ice cream-like pineapple flavored desserts are little cups of heaven.

dole whip

We didn’t just eat junk though, in fact, we had two really nice meals. Our first fancy meal was at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. This restaurant is actually part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! We sat at a table right by the water and watched the boats float past as we ate dinner…amazing. The restaurant is inside, but is designed to look like you are eating outside under the light of paper lanterns next to a southern bayou. I grew up next to real bayous and I must say this bore no resemblance….no, it was much better. Big plus: no mosquitos.


We got to enjoy the sounds of the Royal Street Bachelor’s as they serenaded the streets with jazz music. We were their number one fans so they tossed me some Mardi Gras beads as a thank you! Muah! Love you Bachelors!



Our second fancy dinner was at the Carthay Circle Restaurant on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure. This restaurant is a replica of the theatre where Snow White premiered. It is very snazzy, so snazzy that they do not give you a buzzer or yell out your name when your table is ready…. When we checked in we were told to have a seat in the lounge, order a drink, and someone will find us when our table is ready.



As we sipped our cocktails we wondered how the hell the waiters know who to find for each table. We watched as they walked up to certain people (some standing, some sitting, some at the bar) and then took them to their table. When our waiter eventually found us we had to ask, “How do you do it?!?! Is there some sort of secret code?? Were you told to find the most attractive couple in the room??? The ugliest couple?!?!”

Nope turns out he was told to find “the gentlemen in the black and orange jacket”.



If you haven’t heard, Disney’s theme this year is “limited time magic”. This means that throughout the year there will be special events that last a short amount of time…pretty self explanatory I guess. For the week of Valentine’s they had “True Love Week”. There were several special events happening at every Disney park, but the coolest being that the princes were out doing meet-and-greets with their princesses!

tiana cinderella

Alright I know they aren't exactly royalty, but gosh I love Mary and Burt!
Alright I know they aren’t exactly royalty, but gosh I love Mary and Burt!

One of my favorite memories from this weekend is Husband’s new sweatshirt. Our first night at Disneyland got unexpectedly cold. So cold they we had to splurge and buy ourselves some sweatshirts. Apparently, every single person in the park had the same idea. By the time we started shopping they were sold out of almost every sweatshirt. After a half hour of searching I found one I was willing to buy and wear….Husband wasn’t so lucky.


Oh man, “Turkey Leg”. hahaha This shirt is so terrible and yet so great.

Husband will never wear it again.

That brings me to the end of our Anniversary Disney weekend. We have officially been to each and every Disney park! Next will have to be a Disney cruise!




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  1. I have never been to Disneyland, but I have been to Disney World! I LOVE the dole whips! I also love the new Disney Starbucks cups.

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