The JuiceCan, Or How to Save Your Phone

We live in a society where we need our phones, iPads, iPods, laptops or TV’s  at every moment of our life. Be honest, you have taken your phone to the bathroom, texted over dinner, and talked to a friend while paying your barista. Sometimes I tell myself I am going to give up my phone for one day, turn off the TV, step away from technology and have a break…. but then, I remember I am terrible at breaks. I can’t stand being alone with my thoughts or sitting in silence. Forget it…I love my phone and the distractions it so often provides.


The worst part about being addicted to technology is when your source of connection dies. Now what?  How can I keep my mind off of my own anxiety without reading other people’s problems on Facebook? What if I need Sex and the City to calm my nerves at night? Where else can I type in my symptoms and freak myself out if not Google? Does this mean I have to sit in the subway in silence with no sort of diversion?

A couple of weeks ago my answer would have been “yes”, but I have since discovered a glorious answer to this stupid, yet real, problem. The JuiceCan.


The best thing about the JuiceCan is that it comes in lots of pretty colors. You can get one to match every bag, and I got my favorite color: yellow.


There are several more cool qualities in the JuiceCan though; it’s more than just a pretty accessory. First of all, it has enough power in it to charge 3 iPhones.


It’s also possible to get multiple cans, attach them and create a super powerful JuiceCane…get it?


There also 2 USB outlets and 1 mini USB outlet. Husband and I can actually charge our phones at the same time, while sitting in a restaurant…or on a train….or in my purse. You get the idea.


Just for kicks, there is also an LED flashlight on top. This has been surprisingly useful to find the lost bobby pins, pills and change in the dark crevices of my bags.


The JuiceCane/Can is currently holding a campaign on Indiegogo now to raise money to create, promote and sell their product. Support them here.  It’s a great product we can ALL use. I know I need it.

Anyone else use their wireless devices too much? Or perhaps just enough?


3 Replies to “The JuiceCan, Or How to Save Your Phone”

  1. So I let my phone die completely the other day cause I forgot to plug it in! How are the Juice Cans holding up? These could be my next purchase.

    1. They hold up really well! We use them ALL the time. My only complaint is that it’s a little big.

  2. I supported their campaign and got a green one. My old phone used to die after 4-5 hours, so it was really handy having the JuiceCan with me. However, as of yesterday, it doesn’t charge anymore. The flashlight/strobe bit still works, though, so I know that there’s power left. Have you experienced a similar issue?

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