You Know You Need a Break When…

I have not written a blog in three whole days, not because I was relaxing or  neglecting you, but because everything else has consumed every second of my time. I typically fancy myself as Super Girl and  pretend to “do it all”, but every once in a while I get a big fat reminder that this is not possible or even good for me. So, after working for 13 days straight and still trying to have a life outside of my career my body finally said “ENOUGH”!

The night before last a friend mentioned to me that she was afraid she was getting the flu, and my first thought was, “I want the flu”. Obviously, I do NOT actually want the flu, but this was major sign that I need a break from work. I came home from work last night feeling sick sick sick…another infamous sign that I need a break. I decided to do just what my body needed…nothing.

I lay  on the  couch the second I got home and have yet to move. Husband made me dinner, chocolate chip cookies and allowed me to stay home and sleep while he went out all night for a friend’s going away party. After sleeping for 12 hours, watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Mamma Mia (anyone else want to take a trip to Greece?) and ignoring my phone I am finally starting to feel a little better.

My precious pooch has stayed by my side…only moving to eat.

pretty belle

Don’t you love her collar? it’s from Bitch NYC, a designer dog boutique in the city.


Considering Belle’s spoiled brat tendencies and bad attitude when she doesn’t get her way I think shopping at Bitch NYC is appropriate.



Alright, I think I have a couple more movies to watch before I get off the couch and take a shower.


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  1. Misti Sanchez says: Reply

    I can’t believe you worked 13 days straight!!

    1. right?! It was a little much

  2. lol i can’t think of any more movies taken place in greece to add to your day! you needed a break! its good to be superwoman but sometimes we need to slow down and reeeelax:) hope you’re feeling better! cute little pup!

    1. Thank you and Thank you, she is cute! We think we’ll keep her 😉

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