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Part of my job, my paying-5-days-a-week job, is heavily involved with social media. I write for another blog (for the business where I work), and luckily I get to review some family friendly events around the city for that blog. One recent review I wrote was for Cinderella. This show is now in my top 5 favorite shows on Broadway. It’s so good that I must share my review with you….


On my way to see Cinderella on Broadway I felt a little apprehensive… I am obviously a huge Disney fan, and I worried that the Roger and Hammerstein stage version might not be my cup of tea. I imagine Cinderella singing with mice and wearing a big blue ball gown. As I arrived at Broadway Theatre I was thrilled to see the giant glass slipper on the advertisements and instantly loved their tag line, “Glass slippers are so back.”


 As the lights dimmed a beautiful voice, maybe that of a fairy Godmother, reminded us to “Put away [our] cell phones, as well as [our] daily worries and concerns.” As the show began I was blown away by the set. The stage was covered with tall majestic trees, which would eventually transform to a little cottage, then a castle, and even a village. It was absolutely stunning!


The show itself was nothing short of magical. Every little girl in the audience was wearing a ruffled dress, a little tiara, and sparkly shoes. They ooh’d and aww’d throughout the show, giggled at Cinderella’s animal friends and were angry at her mean stepmother. One little princess even shouted “Oh my GOD!” as Cinderella easily slipped her foot into the glass slipper. It was probably the most adorable night on Broadway.


 The boys in the audience had an equally good time. They loved the Prince’s opening scene as he slew the giant forest monster and defeated the enormous dragon. They also got a kick out of Cinderella’s crazy stepsisters and the Prince’s silly lines. Boys and girls alike were in awe of the “magic” that happened throughout the night.

 Even the adults’ jaws dropped when Cinderella’s rags transformed into a beautiful ball gown, the pumpkin turned into a coach, and the town’s crazy lady became a beautiful fairy Godmother. There were moments where even I thought, “How did they do that?!” I’ve never seen a more attentive audience, especially one so full of children!

Now I must say this Cinderella is different from the classic Disney tale, even a little different than the original 1957 Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version, but I could not have loved it more! The contemporary script, written by Douglas Carter Beane allows the characters to have more depth. Cinderella and the Prince are both trying to chase their dreams and discovering how to be a good person. One stepsister has a change of heart, and the entire kingdom has a revolution! It’s Cinderella for the 21st century.

Don’t worry though; the classic memorable parts are still there. Cinderella loses her glass slipper, the fairy Godmother is there to save the day, it’s full of wonder and every one lives happily ever after. Then there’s the music. You will leave the theatre singing “Impossible” or “In My Own Little Corner” and your kids will sing right along with you.

 To have your own fairy tale experience on Broadway you can purchase tickets here. Cinderella tickets start at $45 and the show is performed 8 times a week. It’s a great time for the whole family, and you’ll get home before the stroke of midnight!

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  1. Sounds like a great production! I travel to NYC once in a long while for work, maybe I will have a chance to check it out. Nice review!

    1. oh you really should! Hope you get a chance to come an see it.

  2. Sounds like an adorable show!! I hope it’s a HUGE success and transfers to London! You get so many amazing productions over there…

    1. Oh, I hope so too! I think it’s one that will stick around for a while.

  3. […] wrote a review of the show here, and my opinions haven’t changed a bit. The show is just as magical the second time around […]

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