A Lovely Day

Today has been lovely. Husband is out of town, we have no visitors and I did not have to be at work until 11 today. My boss bought me Starbucks, my students were sweet and full of hugs and I was very productive. To top the that, tomorrow is my last day of work until I get a week off for spring break! Yay, I love working in education! The last week has been crazy busy with work, the flu and lots of visitors so I am spending the couple of days I have alone to relax and catch up on all my to-do’s (laundry, nails, gym, planning for my next visitor, etc) and of course shopping. My favorite time to shop is when Husband is out of town…it calms my nerves.  I LOVE these rare days with no plans.

I’m a terrible Mommy and completely forgot to take Belle on a walk this morning. I’m used to Husband taking her and it slipped my mind that it’s my responsibility when he’s gone. To make it up to her I took her out on my shopping excursion. First stop: Sephora Land! There is truly no happier store.



Everyone in Sephora treats me like royalty, like they know me and truly care if I find the right product for my sensitive skin. I suspect they were trained in customer service at Disney World and get free makeup whenever I make a purchase. If that’s the case then you are all very welcome at Sephora!

After beautifying myself, I wanted to peek into H&M before going home. I love H&M because I can find trendy pieces that are affordable; therefore I don’t care when they go out of style in 6 months, but lately H&M has been less than impressive. I assumed Belle and I would make a quick walk through the baby clothes and head home. Boy was I wrong, I never even made it to the baby section!

H&M’s Conscious Collection just put out a new line that is all green, yellow, springy and very jungle-like. I LOVED every sing piece! Before I knew it I was standing in line for the dressing room with an arm full of clothes and a tiny dog at my heels. I swear I don’t know how it happened! If Sephora is secretly working for the mouse than H&M is controlled by retail wizards who control your every thought and wallet from the moment you enter their revolving doors.

I went home with a bag full of goodies that are sure to keep me from being lonely this weekend.

outfit shades beading necklace sweater mirror


Two more days until a nice vacation to Nashville! I think I’ll spend tomorrow packing and walking Belle as far from Sephora as possible.


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  1. I love Nashville! If you need any tips let me know! I have spent a ton of time there!

    1. Thanks Amanda, I actually used to live there, but I bet you know about some fun places I’ve never been to!

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