We Bought a House, Not in NY

Remember that blog I wrote about making my biggest adult decision? I wrote about how I always make plans, how those plans always change and how our newest plan is to buy a home in New York City. Well, as you all have figured out now, our plans changed again.

We have had lots of trouble finding a home here. The apartments are either too expensive, too small or too far away. After months of frustration and terrible realtors Husband said words I never thought I’d hear him say…”Why don’t we look in Tennessee?” I was shocked, but excited because I have been secretly looking at houses in Middle Tennessee for months; not because I didn’t want to live in New York, but because I knew we would move back eventually and I just liked looking at what was on the market.

We  agreed to keep looking in both places, but Tennessee kept looking better and better. Over spring break I flew to Nashville to look at dozens of houses with our new realtor and my in-laws. I was supposed to look alone because Husband was in Boston, but fortunately he was flown in to work and had the day off my last day there. We spent this day looking at the house that was my favorite. We spent HOURS in this house discussing, planning, crying and debating.

Choosing a home is HARD. We want the home we buy to be as close to our dream house as possible because we want this to be the home we raise a family in, the home where we stay. This home has to have plenty of space, a big yard, outdoor seating areas, lots of windows, a good school district, big closets and character (no cookie cutter homes please).

The house we looked at that last morning has almost every one of those qualities, and where it’s lacking, it makes up for in potential.  After a few hours of discussing every possible pro and con we put an offer on the house, just minutes before I hopped in the car to head to the airport. I was so sick to my stomach when I landed in New York that I made the taxi driver roll down the windows even though it was 35 degrees outside. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and would vomit at any moment. Also, I wanted to soak in every bit of the city possible. I know Husband and I will be happy no matter where we live, but how do I know if this house/move is the right decision for us? For our family?!

The next day, while waiting in the airport for my friend Sara, I got the call that our offer was accepted, and I stood in the middle of the airport with my jaw on the floor because excitement and terror hit me like a train. We get a house. We get a real home with real rooms and bathtubs, closets, dishwashers and a laundry room. We get to start a family. We will be so close to family and friends. BUT, we have to leave NY. I have to quit my job, the job I love. We are going to settle down. We are going to live on 3 acres where no one will deliver Thai vegetarian duck at 2am!

All week I have had dreams that my teeth are falling out or that I’m in a pageant and I have no makeup on and my hair is a mess. My face is breaking out. I cry because I feel too blessed. I cry because Central Park won’t be 5 blocks away. Then, I spend an hour pinning home decor ideas on Pinterest. I’m pretty sure this means I feel unprepared and that I deal horribly with change. I am really very excited to move and start a new life, just a little sad to leave too.

I cried when I told my boss, but feel better now.

I want to tell you all about the house and share pictures, but we still have inspections and whatnot to go through before it closes so there is still a little chance something terrible could be wrong with the home, but let’s hope that’s not the case. Once everything is said and done, I will be thrilled to share many many more details. (Like the fact the most adorable little coffee shop is right down the road and they make the best lattes!)

Anyways, send us lots of love, luck, prayers, and positive vibes until then. Nashville….looks like I’ll be seeing you in June!


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  1. I can’t wait to see it..in pics and in person!! I am so excited for the both of you. Good luck and sending positive home vibes 🙂

    1. Thanks Danica! We will get our guest room ready ASAP. 🙂

  2. awesome! I feel like everyone I know is buying a home right now! Its a long, scary and stressful process (so I learned) but totally worth it, right? Good luck!!!

  3. I was so excited when you posted this post about buying your “forever home;” I had to stop what I was doing and read it. It is sad that you are moving out of a very exciting and always changing city. But someday when you and Peter are millionaires you’ll be able to buy an apartment in NYC where you can spend every weekend there. Every time you visit NYC you won’t feel as if you are a tourist. And when you plan a visit, it will be something awesome to look forward to and you will always feel at home there.

    Even with the stresses of moving out of a vibrant city, you will be moving into a house that may even offer some relaxing aspects such as SPACE, FRESH AIR, SILENCE, AND NO SCALDING UNCOVERED PIPES IN THE BATHROOM! LOL. Just think you can buy more clothes, shoes, and accessories because in a house you will have closet space to store them (besides hanging under your bed.) You will also be able to decorate each room to your liking and not just to your landlords’. All of the items that you have brought home from your travels will have a permeant place to be displayed. Your wedding albums will look awesome on that built-in storage thing in the dining room! The possibilities are endless! Keep pinning on Pinterest, you have a whole house and yard to personalize!

    Everything with be perfect. Once you move to Nashville, you will have a whole new city to explore! The possibilities are endless.
    Good Luck! I can’t wait for the next post! Miss you guys!

    1. OH my goodness! Thank you Kali, that was the nicest and most perfect comment. You are absolutely right about everything. We are really looking forward to turning the house into our home, and being able to visit NY and not feel like a tourist. And, God I hope we can one day afford a weekend home here! How awesome would that be! Although it would be nice to spend a few weekends in Pittsburgh too!

      1. All the family in Pittsburgh would like you guys to visit too!

  4. How super exciting!!?!?! Will continue to send happy, positive vibes your & Peter’s way for a smooth transition as you begin yet another new adventure! 🙂
    I have to say I’m pumped you’re heading back here! (Or in Hannah’s words “YAY!!!”) Now I can read all about the cool things happening close to us!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Can’t wait to get back and have time to spend with all of you!

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