I Believe I Can Fly

Ever since Zoey and I watched the Sex and the City episode where Carrie learns to swing on a trapeze at Trapeze School New York we decided we had to try it! Every time we actually thought to sign up for a class they were closed for the season, or because of weather. Eventually, I forgot about learning to trapeze all together. Zoey, however, did not forget, and managed to sign us both up for class last week.


We actually missed the class we originally signed up for because of weather, and we almost missed our second/last chance to attend. We left over an hour before it started, but EVERY downtown train seemed to be under construction or temporarily closed because of “a suspicious bag left at Grand Central” (it was a trash bag). We showed up about a half-hour late for our two-hour class, but we only missed the safety procedures, directions and our first turn…no big deal.

The instructors were very cool and totally nice about our tardiness. They suited us up and quickly gave us the cliff-note version of “how not to die in trapeze class”.

scaredzoey happyus board

I am not typically afraid of heights or swings, but something about standing on top of the platform, waiting to jump off in front of our peers terrified me. I KNEW a harness and a net would keep me from falling to my death, but I was still shaking as I held the trapeze with one hand and the railing with my other.

Our very first turn involved jumping off the platform, swinging, lifting our legs over the bard, reaching backwards, putting our hands back up and legs back down and falling on our bums. None of this was tricky, but there was so much to remember….jump on “hep”, keep you legs behind you, point your toes, look at your knees, look up, lift your legs….etc.


I felt like a shaky mess my first attempt, but everyone said I looked “great”, so I took their word for it. It definitely wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be, just scarier.

Zoey did it too!


Our very second turn included a back-flip off the trapeze…our second turn! I was the most scared of this trick. I’m an active person, but I NEVER flip off of anything, certainly not a back flip. Our coaches assured us that if we swing our legs “back-front-back” quick enough then the back-flip will be no problem. I held my breath as I swung my legs “back-front-back”, brought my knees to my chest and let go of the trapeze….


Coach was right…the leg swinging gave me enough momentum to just tuck and gravity did the rest! It was awesome!

I got one more turn before we learned our final stunt.


I was feeling super proud of myself at this point. I mean, I just did a back-flip! The next trick, however, was the catch and release. The trick is to reach back as you are hanging up side down and allow one of the instructors to catch you as you release your legs. Sounds so simple, right? I was less afraid of this one because I put all my faith in the instructor swinging on the other end…


I took a deep breath at the top, jumped and prayed I survived.

theend thecatch

I did, and it was amazing, such a great experience! Husband took a video of my last turn, but he snapped a couple photos during it, so it’s a little jumpy. You’ll still get the gist.

I had the best time at the Trapeze School. It was the right combination of thrilling, scary, fun and still a good workout. Now, I have to look up circus classes to sign up for in Tennessee.


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  1. Wow, that looks like a wicked time!

    1. I must say…it really was!

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