Home Owners

Today we officially became home owners!


I cannot exactly describe how I feel right now… I am super excited about the house and moving back to Tennessee. I am sad that Husband is there and I am still in New York. It is strange to know we own a house that I have only seen once, and Husband will be living in it without me. The reality of the whole “home owner” situation seems very surreal now; it’s so unattainable to me that it feels like a dream.

Since I cannot be there ,and Husband is doing all the manual labor, I have taken over the other responsibilities. My day consisted of changing our address for a thousand different places, turning on electricity and water, getting home owner’s insurance and a myriad of other exciting and wonderful tedious tasks. I got to speak to numerous wonderful automated tellers who mis-heard every number I spoke. I was transferred to hundreds of various departments, all of which had no intention of helping me. And, the hours and hours of elevator music…well, that was just the cherry on the whole delicious cake. Who knew things like canceling a gym membership could be so challenging? I do love a challenge.

I have had a migraine for almost 48 hours. Manual labor has never looked so good.

Yesterday was Husband’s last day in the city. We spent the weekend moving out and cleaning our apartment. When we thought everything was out, I remembered the fridge! I left a carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a jar of pickles. Our friend Steve, decided he was hungry enough to eat the ice cream with a ruler (utensils had all been packed). The moment was too funny to not catch on camera!


Husband and I spent Saturday night sitting on the bare floor with Belle reminiscing about our two awesome years in NYC. We held each other and remembered how very lucky we are..we’ve traveled the world, lived in the most exciting places, now we have a beautiful home in Tennessee… but most of all, we have each other. We slept in our loft bed one last time feeling very very grateful.

After eating an early morning breakfast at the local diner, we said “au revoir” to our apartment and “see you soon” to each other.

Our one an only New York apartment
Our one an only New York apartment

It’s been bittersweet, but I am ready for the next step. Now, I have exactly 26 days to live it up in NYC before I get to reunite with Husband and FINALLY move “home”. There are definitely more NY adventures to be had, and now I’ll be writing to you from  Grandma’s apartment. I took two baths within the first 12 hours of living here…and spent a good half hour lying on the couch listening to the church choir voices waft through the open windows…not too shabby.


*HUGE thank you to our family for helping us so much with this great big move. We’d be lost without you.


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