A Lighter Load

Even though I love purses, especially large ones, I try my best to carry around a small bag on most days. I have had a bad back for YEARS now and walking around with a large heavy bag slung over my shoulders kills me. If Husband and I spend the day out shopping, he always ends up carrying my purse. Everyone always comments about how he is very sweet for doing this (and he is), but he also knows that if he didn’t we would just have to go home because my back pain will immobilize me.

Now, at only 28 years old, it often hurts to carry a small cross-body bag! It’s unbelievable and very annoying. So, whenever it’s possible I leave the house with practically nothing. My necessities (the bare minimal) are sunglasses, my phone, my keys, chapstick and my wallet. The first four are easy to carry in my pockets or on my body, but the wallet is where I run into trouble. It’s too big for my pocket, which means I typically end up bringing my purse and adding in a dozen other items to tote around.

I have tried to just carry my debit card and i.d. to simplify the load, but that makes me nervous. Carrying lose cards in my pockets is probably not the best idea. I need a different option…I’ve been waiting for an app that allows you to use your phone as a debit card, but that hasn’t happened yet. However, I recently discovered this…


The little bitty durable Vi card holder  by Vigg is SO handy! It holds 8 cards….I can fit my license, debit, Metro, insurance, cards with no problem. Also, if I don’t want to carry a bazillion cards with me I can just keep the couple I need the most and it still holds them snug enough to keep any of them from falling out.


I love my new wallet so much that I have been using it even when I carry a purse. It also holds cash if I fold it. The only thing it doesn’t hold is change, and to be honest that typically ends up floating around the bottom of my purse even when I am carrying my big wallet.


I even brought it with me on my trip to Texas, Tennessee and it’s been all over New York. It has been nice to have my cards easily ready when I need to show my I.D. or buy a pick-me-up, which is often.


It may not keep me from buying purses, but this tiny wallet will at least keep me from hurting my back on a long outing!


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