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Sorry, sorry, sorry! I have not been keeping up with my blog well since the move, but there’s been a lot of life happening. BIG life stuff that has just kept me from writing, which I love so much. There’s also been a lot of catching up on Game of Thrones to do. Husband and I agreed not to watch until we were together, so we spent many hours this week finishing the 3rd season and O.M.G. I f*#king hate/love this show. I actually cried during “the red wedding”, cried. Ugh, stupid, stupid, awesome and addicting show.

You just never know!
You just never know!

Anyways, what am I writing? My dream office, yes that’s it. Our new home has 4 bedrooms. One is obviously the master bedroom, which is really coming along nicely BTW. One will hopefully one day be a nursery (fingers crossed!). One will be a guest room for our many many friends who love to stay with us. This leaves one room left for my office. Husband thinks we are going to “share” the office, but I think his computer and desk will look much better in the unfinished room above the garage.

I need an office desperately. Right now, I am writing from either my bed or the couch which makes concentrating and working hard, but napping and watching TV so easy. Between job hunting, house renovating and Game of Thrones I did manage to find time to pin some office ideas.

I want a simple room, not too many distractions, an easy way to keep myself organized and a girly touch to the decor. I like the shelves in this photo, the clear drawers and the headphones left on the floor. I need a little bit of disorder, just a little.


I really like the 3 very organized bulletin boards here, although mine would never stay so neat. I also love the skinny shelf with the pink flowers.

organized wall

This is a good sized desk. Using the whole wall as an “inspiration board” is such a great idea. But, tell me, where do all of these people hide their chords???

lights office

The wall decor below is my favorite. It’s clean, inspirational and still creative.


This office is cozy with lots of sunlight. I love the look, but if I was that close to the door I’d be to tempted to go outside and find something else to do.

country office

Now, that I have my office ideas I just need to pick my color scheme. I’ve got it narrowed down to two….

color scheme 2 color scheme

What do you think? Do any of you have or want a home office? You know I always love to hear your advice and ideas!

Cheers and Happy Weekend!


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