Holiday World!

When I previously lived in Tennessee, Husband and I (then boyfriend) used to take weekend road trips at least a few times a month. We went rock climbing, repelling, caving, hiking, kayaking, rafting, to Disneyworld (yes, on weekend road trips) and to Holiday World.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is a theme park/water park appropriately located in Santa Claus, Indiana. This park is a perfect combination of cheesiness and thrill rides. The Holiday World side is split into four lands: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Fourth of July. There are 80’s concerts, story time with Santa, a ride that allows you to “shoot” turkeys and a ridable miniature train. However, there are also three unbelievably scary wooden roller coasters: The Raven, The Legend and The Voyage. All of which are award-winning roller coasters, because roller coasters apparently win awards.

The water park, “Splashin’ Safari”, is no Schlitterbahn, but it’s a nice substitute for this Texas gal. They seem to add new rides every year, and since I haven’t been in about three years there there were a few new rides for us to try out. Holiday World actually has the world’s two largest water coasters too. Oh, and did I mention they have free sunscreen and free sodas available to everyone all day long!?!?!

BTW, this isn’t a sponsored review, I just really love this place. If you aren’t convinced of it’s charm and scary rides yet, then just look at how much fun we had…

IMG_6641 IMG_6648 IMG_6647 IMG_6640 IMG_6627

The Voyage
The Voyage


If only I took more photos…

The best way to end a trip to Holiday World is to stop at Mrs. Klaus’s Kitchen for a caramel apple and hot cocoa. Then, make sure someone else drives home so you can pass out in the back seat and sleep through the three hour drive back to Nashville.

I love summer.


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  1. Your article brings back a lot of great memories! We used to live in Evansville, Indiana and when our kids were little we went to Holiday World several times each summer (It was called Santa Claus Land at the time).

    1. Oh wow! I bet it’s changed a lot since then. That’s very cool, I would have liked to gone when it was “Santa Claus Land”. You should take your kids back this summer!

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