Grilling, Fireworks and Lots of Rain

Happy 4th of July!!!! A little late maybe, but I was so busy celebrating America’s Birthday that I didn’t have anytime to sit down with you. Like most of America, we had plans to go to a big party and spend the night watching explosives light up the sky. Toss in a little barbecue and some beer, and you have one perfect Independence Day.

Festive nails are necessary too…

although I’m afraid they look like more like “Pepsi” nails than “America” nails

My day started off as the textbook definition of perfect. Husband and I both slept until 9am without waking once. It was pouring rain (the best way to sleep) and the only reason I woke was because of my naughty puppy. I woke to her sitting on my stomach, growling and glaring out the window next to me. I turned around to see two female deer and two baby deer grazing in our backyard!

The baby right next to my window...
The baby right next to my window…

We spent the morning slowly getting ready and eating breakfast in bed before heading out for the day.

A Nashville friend of ours has an ENORMOUS annual 4th of July party that includes live music, catered food, swimming, a hundred people we don’t know, ice cream drove in from Cincinnati and fireworks.

pic_to_send IMG_20130704_173528 2013-07-05 21.17.36

You may be wondering why these musicians seem to be playing in a bedroom, well that is because the rain that started early in the morning never stopped. Our poor friend had to move his entire huge party inside, which turned out to be just as fun, minus the fireworks and swimming.

Later that night, still raining, a group of our besties decided to move the celebration to my in-laws. We got way too much food, grilled hotdogs in the fireplace, shot bottle rockets off the deck, shared some wine and fell asleep watching Will Smith save America from aliens, like true Americans.

2013-07-05 21.13.30

I am way too excited about the hotdog action
I am way too excited about the hotdog action

It seemed ridiculous to be huddled around the fire on the 4th of July, but the high was only 67 degrees here! It was definitely not a typical 4th of July, but who cares. We all had a great day, except Belle. Poor Belle is still suffering from post-traumatic stress after all the fireworks. Anyone else’s dog start hyperventilating on the 4th?

Hope you had a great and safe one! Here’s to the rest of summer.


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