Practice Makes Perfect

It’s no secret that Husband and I are wanting a family sooner than later. We are both ready and excited for this next step, but I may be slightly more ready than Husband. I have worked with children FOREVER. I began babysitting at age 12, worked at a daycare through college and have taught young kids since graduation. I even volunteered at a Head Start program in High School. I love kids and am comfortable with most ages.

Husband, however, has very little experience with kids and no experience with babies. When we were living in Albania he taught drama twice a week at my school for a few months to elementary aged children. I taught dance right after his class. Husband always loved when I came in a little early because the kids would always see me coming through the window and shout, “Ms. Hilarie is coming! We need to listen and be good now!” Then they would be little angels for the last 5 minutes of his drama class. Afterwards, Husband would always say, “Why do they listen to you?!” (Guess we know who the disciplinarian will be…)

Yesterday, our good friend and her adorable little boy, Parker came over to spend the day with us and Zoey (who’s in town BTW). Parker is ALL boy and wanted to go, go, go no matter how hot it was outside, how sweaty he was, or how many bugs bit him. Parker also LOVES Husband, so when he took Husband by the hand and pulled him outside I considered it a perfect opportunity for Husband to get some practice.

After a half-hour of playtime I decided to join them and make sure neither Husband or Parker were crying. Turns out, the two of them were having a blast together.

Photo 12 Photo 6 Photo 5 Photo 4 Photo 3 Photo 2

Even I got tired of running around outside and getting mosquito bites, so I eventually left them to return to the air-conditioned house. Just as the rest of us began talking about how much fun Parker was having with Husband, the front door opened and we heard “Moommmyyy!!!” Poor baby fell in a cactus and spent the next hour getting spines taken out of his belly, legs and hands.

Photo 1

Overall, I think it was a good example of what life with a toddler will be like, and I can’t wait to one day see Husband picking cactus spines off his own toddler, or maybe keeping it from falling on a cactus in a first place.


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  1. Those photos bring back so many memories:)

  2. That house looks awesome!!! Hope you guys start your family soon 😉

    1. Thanks! That’s actually my in-laws house and my father-in-law built all of those play thing’s when my husband was little. He’s such a talented carpenter!

      1. Oh that’s really cool! Such a neat looking place 🙂

  3. Misti Sanchez says: Reply

    That is so cute!!

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