Thank You for Being a Friend

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Over the last week I have had some serious quality time with friends, friends of which I rarely get to spend any time. I spent a week with my great friend from Nebraska, who I met while teaching together in Albania. I visited many old friends from a previous teaching job. Had dinner with one of the best women/teachers I know. Also, I had a wonderful phone conversation with a friend in New York.

Besides these get-togethers, I’ve been chatting away with my favorite ladies in Texas. Everyone seems to have wonderful news lately, we have already made plans to see each other soon and one just had a beautiful baby boy yesterday!

Last night, I lay in bed with a migraine thinking about what I would write if only I could bare to hold my eyes open and look at a computer screen. (Thanks pregnancy hormones!) All I could think about was how very lucky I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. How did I get so lucky in the friend department?

Growing up, my parents often reminded me that “I am the company that I keep” and that “my friends are a reflection of who I am”. At the time, I thought “okay, whatever…” I knew there was no way my friends could determine who I am. I can be whoever and whatever I want, no matter who I hang around, right?

Wrong. Like many other things, I’ve grown up to learn that my parents were absolutely right. Lucky for me, my friends in high school were legitimately awesome and are still my best friends. We have overcome so much together, are always there for each other, and aren’t afraid to tell one another when we are about to make a huge mistake. However, I haven’t always chosen wisely.

Looking back, I have had random friends over the years that absolutely had a negative impact on my life. I’m a strong-willed person, but while spending time with certain groups I could hear and see myself change. The words I spoke, my attitude, my work ethic and even my outlook on life were all altered when I spent too much time with these random friends.

I like to think that my positive demeanor and go-getter attitude will be the stronger of the personalities, but that’s rarely the case.  In fact, my tendencies to work hard and be optimistic most likely stems from the fact that many of my closest friends are hard-working and optimistic amazing people.

I have so much respect and appreciation for the friends in my life and am so grateful that they have helped mold me into who I am now.  Without realizing, I managed to choose wisely when choosing my friends over the years. Now, I just need to figure out a way to get all my friends together in one place to meet one another.


Thanks, friends.


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  1. So true! My besties from PN-G are still my very best and dearest friends. It must be a SETX thing… “You run with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas” was the adage my mom always told me. Good thing there were so many awesome people to choose from in our little home town. Congrats on the pregnancy! So. Exciting!

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