Climbing King’s Bluff

Our 3rd day of Tennessee adventures (yup, 3rd day…I’m saving the 2nd day because it’s a doozie) was rock climbing day. We took Sara, some friends and two dogs to King’s Bluff to climb, get some sun and tear up our fingertips.

roric trail climbinb shoes


Sara had never rock climbed before, and if you have ever climbed you know the first time is brutal. She was such a trooper. We cheered her own, yelled at her, encouraged her and gave her every tip we could think of AND she made it to the top! That’s got to be one of the best feelings ever!

sara climbing sara climb


We took turns climbing and resting. I, yes 3 months pregnant me, managed to climb three routes before being worn out. Don’t worry (Mom), I was perfectly safe. The doctor even said I can do basically anything I want right now. Although, he did say no sky diving…pity.

Rorik tried to get some climbing action too.
Rorik tried to get some climbing action too.

me climbing

Every route has a unique name. This one is "dip in the river". My favorite was "Bob the Builder".
Every route has a unique name. This one is “dip in the river”. My favorite was “Bob the Builder”.
Go Derek!
Go Derek!

We managed to climb most of the day and come out barely scathed. I’m so glad that I’m still able to be adventurous…. I don’t think climbing will be so easy in a few months.

I did it!
I did it!
The group, minus Rorik.
The group, minus Rorik.

Now, keep in mind…if you’re planning to visit Tennessee, pack your climbing gear, swimsuit, hiking boots and caving clothes. Yeah, we went caving too. More to come soon!



5 Replies to “Climbing King’s Bluff”

  1. Looks awesome!!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. Misti Sanchez says: Reply

    Fun! I can’t wait till mile’s and baby z are old enough to do this!

    1. ditto! I’m ready for your next trip to TN!

  3. Jenna MacLeod says: Reply

    I’m heading to kings bluff this weekend. Just wondering if there is a hike in? Do I need to wear hiking boots?

    1. Its not a bad hike at all. Tennis shoes would work fine!

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