Trying Not to be Competitive

During our first prenatal doctor appointment, the doctor spent lots of time asking us all the regular important series of questions….

Do you smoke? Do you drink? Was this a planned pregnancy? What do you do for a living? Is this your first child? Are you on any medications? Etc. etc.

We chatted and discussed birth plans, diets, weight gain and basically took the time to really get to know one another. After all this chatting, the doctor ended with Do you have any questions?

The one question on my mind since the moment I found out about the baby was How does my workout routine need to change? I know that pregnant women should workout, but how much? How rigorous? And, for how long?

I was thrilled when the doctor basically gave me the green light to keep doing what I’ve been doing for as long as I’m comfortable, and to start taking it easy when the time comes. Perfect! Exactly what I wanted to hear… I began to sit up and say my good-byes when I was interrupted with a big But…

But, you cannot be competitive.

Hah, erupted from Husband’s throat and before I could interject the doctor continued.

It is obvious after spending time with you that you are very competitive, especially with your Husband. You can’t be competitive while pregnant. Don’t expect to improve, in fact, inspect to slowly get worse. Don’t try to keep up with your Husband you’ll only end up getting hurt.


He’s right though, I am super competitive when doing anything with Husband. I cannot stand to lose and I am not a very humble winner. I mean, the best part of winning is being able to remind Husband that I won, not him, me.

Sooooo I have tried my very best to not compete this summer. While riding bikes at Hilton Head I let Husband ride in the front, most of the time. While rock climbing, I didn’t attempt to do anything harder than Husband. Now, while doing Insanity, I rarely try to out due Husband.

“Rarely”, because it is so damn hard! Normally, Husband is my pace card. If I’m keeping up with him; great. If I’m doing more than him; wonderful. Now, I have to do everything in my power to not look at him. It’s a hard habit to break. I do have to admit that I still kick his butt in all the push-up intervals. Sorry, but I can’t help bust notice he takes breaks while I’m still working!

I’m only 16 weeks pregnant now, so working out and being super active is still coming easily. I figure I might as well live it up until the sad day comes that I have to say good-bye to Sean T and invest in some prenatal workouts.

Husband might be able to out last me at that point, but he’ll never be able to carry a baby like me. Beat that Husband!

Anyone else compete with their Husband or have trouble slowing down during pregnancy? I’d love to hear about it!


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