17 weeks baby!


I am 17 weeks and a few days pregnant!

So how is everything? I’m so glad you asked!

emotionally? I am MOSTLY normal, but every once in a while I get very weepy, very angry or very irritable. Luckily, these moody moments pass quickly and I can remind myself that it’s just my hormones before I rip Husband’s head off or throw Belle off the balcony.


mentally? Good! No recent anxiety. In fact, I am feeling really positive about this entire pregnancy. Pregnancy brain on the other hand has made a few appearances…thinking of words has proved to be very challenging lately.

physically?  Still doing Insanity everyday! This is the first week that it has gotten harder. I can tell my body is changing and have started modifying more of Sean T’s moves. I’m not happy about it, but gotta do what I gotta do.

These were taken last night after Insanity Pure Cardio
These were taken last night after Insanity Pure Cardio

I had a check-up today to get some blood work done and hear the baby’s heartbeat. My number 1 question this week was “Why the hell does my tailbone hurt so bad???” It feels like I fell and seriously bruised my bottom. I have had this pain off and on for the past few weeks and it is not getting any better. Doctor says this is normal (due to pressure from my uterus), but it’s not going to go away or get better until after delivery…wonderful. This is definitely one symptom I never knew about.


listening to baby Z's heartbeat!
listening to baby Z’s heartbeat!

weight gain? Not sure, but too much. After eating my weight’s worth in Texas last weekend I had a “bump” pop up that seems to get a little bigger each day. I’m still positive most of it is leftover gumbo and TexMex.

baby movement? I am 95% sure the little flutters and bubbles I felt this week are actually the baby moving! CANNOT wait to feel more!

sleep? Fine, except for those ridiculously crazy dreams that involve murder, affairs, high school drama, ex-boyfriends and UFO’s.  I should probably stop watching Pretty Little Liars in bed…stupid addicting Netflix.

what I miss? Coffee!!!!!!!!!! I know I’m technically allowed to have 200mg of caffeine (and I often give in), but I am trying very hard to not have any because a little just makes me want more. I’ve always heard the 2nd trimester brings a new wave of energy, but I’m still waiting for that wave to crash.


Just a few more weeks until the gender is finally revealed!


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  1. I absolutely loved reading this!!!! There isn’t anyone who deserves this joy more than you!!!! I was reading through all your questions and answers and can’t help but laugh. I LOVED being pregnant. Take it all in!!! It really is magical. Sing to yourself. They hear you. Read to yourself aloud. They listen. Rub your tummy. They will know and respond when they are little bigger (in the womb). I realize that I can’t withstand 20 kids (ha ha) but I would have went through pregnancy that much. It is a million times as rewarding as it is tiring and emotional. I know all about the tailbone pain (it will go away). I’m so proud for you and the family!!! Praying for you all and the sweet baby!!! Love this adventure and blessing God has given you!!!!! You will be great parents and it will be the happiest baby!

  2. Thank you soooo much! you are so sweet and thoughtful. I have been singing so much lately (mostly in the car and shower…i’m tone deaf!), but I’m pretty sure this little baby is covering it’s ears already! haha I’m so relieved to hear your tailbone pain went away. From what I read and heard it doesn’t for most people. Mine has actually been feeling a little better this week so hopefully it will just keep getting better. Thanks again Dara! it’s so nice to hear positive comments and feedback about being pregnant. So far, I am enjoying every minute of it!

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