I Threw a Bachelor Party

Hello there. I have an entire list of excuses for not writing (this seems to be a trend for this pregnant gal), but lets skip the excuses and go straight to the “I’m sorry!”.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk, but that’s for another post. Today is about waking up early, drinking a cup of coffee (yup that’s right, baby likes a little caffeine in the morning…so does Mommy) and writing. I’m getting back into the swing of things. I am. I am. I am. I am.

Over the weekend, Husband through a bachelor party for one of his very best friends. This particular best friend is a low-key, wedding in the backyard, live in a tent, relax and enjoy life kind of guy. He is not the typical bachelor and therefore would not want a typical bachelor party. Husband, being the awesome guy friend that he is decided a bachelor party-adventure was the way to go. His plan was to take a small group of guys on canoe trip that involved some sort of scavenger hunt expedition, BUT he did not want to do the planning.

Husband wasn’t being lazy, he just wanted to be able to participate in the festivities. So, the decision was made that Dad-in-law and I would be the masterminds behind the great day of boy’s fun. Here’s how it all began…

Husband found this video of the best bachelor party ever, watch it!

Doesn’t it look amazing? And, isn’t it so sweet how these men are all such good friends to each other? They went to great lengths to make sure their soon-to-be-married buddy had the time of his life. Did you get a little teary-eyed too? Or is it just my damn pregnancy hormones?

Anyways, we did not have as much time, resources or people as this video, but we used it as a baseline for our plans. Saturday morning here began with Husband, myself, and the fiance sneaking out of the house at 6:30am. (Did I mention they bachelor and his fiance are living with us this month?) The fiance and I left with a few others to head to the river. Husband met up with his other BFF’s to prepare for the bachelor’s arrival. At the house, we had an entire adventure set up just for the Bachelor… (Husband helped plan this part.)

His alarm goes off at 8am. He woke to an empty house and found a note that lead him to a hidden iPod. iPod began playing directions for how to get through the house with very specific rules to follow. One of my favorite directions was to climb on the roof where he found a bag containing his outfit for the day (a very small short tanktop with “bachelor” painted across the front, and a matching neon pink headband. After finding clues in our loft, garage and crawl space he ended in the woods behind our house where he found a bike and was told to ride it down our street. His friends were waiting for him in the car at this point. (If only someone was taking pictures!)

Meanwhile, Dad-in-law, myself, fiance, Grandpa and Uncle Michael drove to Duck River*. Our plan was to set 10 challenges along the river. We started by tying bright pink flagging to a branch hanging over the water to mark each challenge/clue.

first flag tying flag

map IMG_20130914_133248

When the boys spotted a flag they knew to pullover and look for a clue/directions. Near each flag (maybe in a crack, maybe in a branch, maybe in a bush) was an envelope holding the rules and often a large zip-loc containing supplies. After completing each challenge, another envelope would be opened to reveal the prize/punishment for winning/losing the challenge.

All the liquor I supplied for the games.
All the liquor I supplied for the games.


canoes IMG_20130914_133113

Confused? Just imagine setting this up. I actually made all the clues until little rhyming riddles. I was so clever and funny…until about the 5th clue. By the end I was just writing do this and win this.

A few examples of our awesome games?

-Be the first boy to find and capture the flag at the top of a nearby tree. The winner of this challenge got to take the paddle from any opponent.

-Be the first to find “hidden treasure” 10 feet out into the water. The treasure was a bag with four mini-liquor bottles. The winner got to divvy them up.

-Build a popsicle motor boat (popsicle sticks, super glue and rubber bands were provided) with a team mate. The team with the slowest boat has to pull the winner’s boat.

Etc. Etc. They had to stack rocks, race, flip each other’s boats, play basketball, drink too many little bottles of liquor and basically act like themselves. We hid lunch at one of their flags, provided snacks and drinks and did everything we possibly could to make this party successful. I was so nervous that they would miss the flags or that someone else on the river would find our supplies, but everything worked out perfectly!

They took 6 hours to complete the expedition and when they arrived home the house was full of chips, dip, beer, moonshine, Monster energy drinks, pizza, video games and no girlfriends, wives, fiance’s or pets to bother them.

I stayed at my in-laws that night and got a call from Husband at 11pm. I answered by saying “Well, I’m surprised to hear from you!” After all, he was hosting his best friend’s bachelor party. I wasn’t exactly expecting a call. He told me he just really loved me and wanted to thank me for helping make the party so awesome. I couldn’t stop smiling. He then followed with….”I am very intoxicated.”

I think my first bachelor party planning was a success. Only 4 days until the beautiful wedding!

Oh, AND, we found a little something special while setting up the events…



*This was my first time on Duck River and we rented boats from a Higher PursuitsI am telling you this because they were by far the nicest, friendliest, most informative company we have ever rented from. They felt like friends and were able to help us in numerous ways. I loved them, if you ever plan on floating down Duck River, you should definitely rent your gear from the awesome people at Higher Pursuits.

They even have a nice dog named Sweetie!
They even have a nice dog named Sweetie!

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