Lil’ Sprout

I keep mentioning how much I love the maternity clothes available at Etsy. There are just so many crafty people out there producing the most adorable handmade clothes! I waste a lot of time to just browsing the shops and “window shopping” for future outfits. I’ve mentioned the maternity/nursing poncho from Marie Nohr and the Disney maternity tank from Baby Talk Designs, and now I just have to share this maternity t-shirt from Disco Belly.

disco belly

Disco Belly prints every t-shirt by hand and use high-quality materials, so the tee’s are super soft and comfy.

24 weeks 5 days

I’m not normally a big t-shirt wearer, but pregnancy has brought out my comfy side. I just wore this top to work. Luckily, I get to dress very casual at work. I made Husband snap some pics when I got home, but I felt like I need to be doing something…so I said “Oh let’s pretend like I’m cooking!”


Don’t I look like a natural? You’ll be disappointed to learn that I’m “cooking” Goldfish Mac & Cheese, and I didn’t even cook it…Husband did. Fancy and healthy.


My fav t-shirt from Disco Belly is the “Lil’ Sprout” Tee, but their “Destiny is Minivan” and “Can’t Touch This” tees are pretty darn cute too.

lil' sprout

Lovin' my first baby
Lovin’ my first baby

Can’t wait to start shopping for big belly Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits! Any of you have a favorite brand or store for maternity clothes?


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  1. I love that tee. I didn’t know all that was online…will keep that in mind:). I liked target & motherhood maternity.

  2. i love these pregnancy tees- so cute and makes pregnancy a little more.. fun 🙂 i’m going to check out these shops right now. thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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