“This Sh*! is Bananas Yo!”

I did it! Today I finished Beachbody’s Insanity workout for the 2nd time! (First time was over 2 years ago!) There are just so many people I’d like to thank…Husband, Shaun T, the Machine…. But, seriously, I feel incredibly accomplished. I am almost 26 weeks pregnant and it was definitely harder to do this time around, but SO worth it!

My last day!!!
My last day!!!

I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to exercise while pregnant. It helps EVERYTHING. It gives you more energy, curbs your enormous appetite, helps you sleep, keeps your crazy emotions in check, keeps your blood pressure down, and even benefits the baby. Why would you not workout? Did I mention it makes labor easier and recovery time faster? That’s enough motivation to keep me sweating every day.

25 weeks and 5 days!
25 weeks and 5 days!

Before I get a bunch “Be careful!” messages, I will tell you that I have had to modify more and more each week. I use to push through any pains I felt while working out, but now I listen to my body, slow down and take a breather if I need to. I am really stubborn and competitive so it hasn’t been easy, but I care more about the safety of our baby girl than beating Husband in a push-up competition. But, Husband better watch out once this baby arrives!

I am going to soak up lots of yoga and dog walking the next 3 days, but on Monday we are starting the Asylum. (I’m so nervous!) I don’t know how much I can actually do of this workout, but I want to stick with whatever Husband is doing because it will keep me accountable. I may even end up doing completely different moves, but my goal is to work the same muscle groups that are being done in the Asylum and for the same length of time. I think I’ll be more productive this way than if I workout on my own.

I only have approximately 14 weeks left of “working out for two”! Hopefully, I can stay active up until her arrival!


P.S. Shaun T has the greatest quotes and one liners on his DVD’s… If you’ve ever done Insanity, then you should read this and have a good laugh!

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