Chopping Down Our Own Tree

country cove

When I was very young we had a real tree at Christmas time, but most of my life we had artificial trees. Husband always had a real tree growing up, and once, before he can remember, they chopped down their own Christmas tree at a tree farm. Now, that we are semi-grown up and able to pick our own tree for our own house we agree that real is the way to go, and why not pick it out at a tree farm?


Over the weekend, we went to Country Cove in Murfreesboro, TN to pick out our tree, chop it down and take it home. I didn’t really know what to expect on a tree farm, but it’s exactly what it sounds like…a big farm of trees. The farm was cute and complete with a souvenir shop, a fire pit, free hayrides and a wreath shop.

souvenier shop fire pit


There were two different types of Christmas-y looking tree to choose from if you want to go the chopping down route, or you can buy a pre-cut tree of a different species.


It was Freezing and I am now unable to button my winter coat, so I was running through the fields trying to find the perfect tree as quickly as possible. I was really surprised at how small most of the trees looked. I wanted a tree that is at least taller than us. Eventually, we found a whole group of tall looking trees, but then they all looked too perfect. I made Husband decide on “the one”. I pretended to cut it down for about 2 seconds, but Husband did all the actual work.


chopping actual chopping

I imagined us using a big ax to chop down our tree…in reality we had to use a little hand saw, but it worked just the same. After the tree fell (aww, sad) it was our Husband’s  job to drag it back to the main house. Once we got it back some young guys quickly scooped it up and got to work. The guys put our tree on some sort of shaking machine to knock off all the loose needles. After it’s turn on t the giant vibrator, it went through a contraption that wrapped it up in netting so it could travel easily on top of our car.

dragging tree shaker tree pooper

While they worked, we enjoyed the free hot cocoa and hot apple cider. Nice touch, Country Cove.


The strapping young men tied the tree on top of our car. We drove home, realized we don’t own a tree stand, stopped at Walmart…and Voila! We now have a tree!



our tree

Our tree turned out to be a 7 foot tree, so I guess they look smaller out in the field.  Now, all that’s left are the decorations.

It took us an hour to get out to the tree farm, but it was cute and fun and I can imagine this being a family tradition with kids, so I think we’ll be back. Any of you have a fun tree-getting tradition?




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  1. Going to the Christmas tree farm is one of my most beloved Christmas memories from my childhood. Glad you had fun!

    1. That’s so cool, what a great tradition! I really hope we stick to it and actually take our kids each year.

  2. Did you guys get a new car? I like the flower and bug on the bumper!

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