Baby Shower Numero Uno

Our future daughter is already so spoiled and loved that she is getting not one, but two parties to shower her with tons of baby crap. Our first baby shower was in Texas, and it was beautiful, sweet and a really nice finale to our 9 day trip to Texas. My Mom, sister and friends went all out and turned my Mom’s house into a sweet and beautiful land made just for little girls. The details and time they took to put everything together means so much to us.

My Mom made this banner with Luna’s name, and I can’t wait to get it hung in her room! Above the banner are mine and Husband’s baby/little kid photos.

our pics

Check out that 33 week side profile. Woah!
Check out that 33 week side profile. Woah!

These soaps are handmade, smell fabulous and were handed out as party favors.



Each guest signed the “L” with a special message to Luna…another special piece I’ll get to add to her room.

sign the l


One of my best friends made these Mickey rice krispie treats….soooo cute.

rice krispies


Of course, there’s also a onesie decoration station where unique onesie originals were created.



THEN, there was the cake. Kerry’s Kupcakes Kookies (an amazing woman I’ve been lucky enough to know my entire life) made the cake, which was not only beautiful, but delicious. (She made the cake at my sister’s shower too.)

the cake


I had so many family members and friends show up to say congrats and give us way more than we deserve. It was really nice and we are so grateful for everything. HUGE thanks to the hostesses for making me feel so special…Luna and I are both very lucky girls!

My sister, Mom and myself
My sister, Mom and myself

Annnddd… extra photo of my nephew for good measure.

the nephew



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  1. oooh this is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the colors and the banner! you have to share some of the onesies- they are my favorite part of showers I’ve been to!

    1. Thanks Mary! I love the colors did…I am using mostly neutrals in the nursery, but every little girl needs a touch of pink right?

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