The Magical Moments

Last week I told you all about our annual friend photos, well I JUST received them and I cannot wait to share the great images that Simone from ST Photography captured of us! I think photographers are a little bit magical, how else do they capture such great moments while simultaneously making us look good?

Husband and I didn’t have a “maternity” photo session, so I am glad Simone was able to take some photos of us during this special time.

DSC_2816BW DSC_2824 DSC_2828 DSC_2833

First, check out our group photo from 2012…


Then, 2013! My, how we have grown!

DSC_2839 DSC_2867 DSC_2881 DSC_2918 DSC_3253

The two preggo ladies.


And a few adorable ones of these handsome little boys…there were way too many cute ones to choose from!

Free at last!
Free at last!

DSC_2976 DSC_3172

I just love how all of these came out! Thank you, thank you ST Photography!


8 Replies to “The Magical Moments”

  1. Cute pics!

  2. Definitely great pictures! 🙂

    1. Thank you, I love them too! Our photographer did a great job!

  3. This is such a great idea! And it doesn’t hurt that y’all are all presh!

    1. THank you and thank you! I’m so glad we started the tradition last year, it will be really fun to see what our pic looks like in 5 or 10 years!

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