Falling In Love Again..and Again

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I swore to myself that my blog would not, absolutely not, turn into a “pregnancy” blog during these 9 months… I’m sorry, but it’s definitely been headed in that direction. I can’t help it! It’s literally all I can think about at this point. Between not being able to put on shoes without toppling over and having to pee every 10 minutes, there isn’t much else to think about lately. I miss writing about living with anxiety, but it’s just been so much better lately…sigh…

I’ll just talk about Husband instead.

I’ve mentioned in a couple recent posts that my Husband has been driving me crazy, and he totally has, but I also need to say that he is simultaneously making me more crazy about him. I want to kill him for demolishing the nursery I so carefully put together for hours and hours, but at the same time I am over the moon that it’s getting remodeled. It’s really sweet to see him and my Dad-in-law working so hard to get everything finished.

On most nights, Husband stays up very late, often playing video games with friends. He is incredibly noisy and manages to wake me up every 10 minutes, especially since I am a very light sleeper these days. However, he also comes in and checks on me. Brings me heartburn medicine, water, extra pillows, heating pads, chocolate, basically whatever I want or need he gets. He’s offered to run to Walgreens in the middle of the night and he never complains about any of this. I have an enormous pregnancy pillow that takes up a third of the bed, plus the dog and cat both sleep with us, I toss and turn and get up 6 times a night, and he doesn’t say a word. If anything, he asks how I’m feeling or offers to put on my favorite show. He’s kind of a saint.

Husband has a bad habit of sleeping late, dropping articles of clothing around and leaving everything he owns plugged in, and saving ALL tasks for the last minute. It drives me insane! I am a list-making, stay on schedule, get things done ASAP sort of gal, so I can’t even begin to comprehend how his mind works. BUT, right at the moment when I think I’m going to completely lose it and throw the cat at him, Husband will cook dinner, do the dishes, make me tea, fill my car up with gas, make a fire, or put in my favorite movie. At that moment, I forget what I was so mad about in the first place.

Husband and I have been together for almost 9 years, we have done long distance, lived together for 6 years, traveled the world and been married for about a year and a half. All of this time together has taught me that you don’t love someone despite their faults. You just love ALL of them, faults included. Sure, we argue, get mad and misunderstand one another, but then all of sudden we fall in love all over again.

fav husband

Husband has done some pretty special gestures and given amazing gifts over the years (surprise vacations, pretty jewelry, broadway tickets, etc), but what gets me more than anything are the littlest things. It takes the smallest notion to show someone you care. Making someone’s coffee in the morning, running their bath water, fixing them a snack or just leaving a little note to say you care is really all it takes to turn an angry partner into a calmer appreciative one. I think this runs true for all sort of relationships. If we took a little bit of time each day to show someone we care or are thinking of them, imagine how much happier we would all be?

Now, I try to remember to do the same for Husband. We are in this together after all and life is about to change in a way we cannot even imagine. I hope I’m able to express love with simple things as well as he does.

I’m also thankful Husband doesn’t have his own blog. Although I’m rainbows and sunshine 95% of the time, God only knows what annoying habits he would write about me… Not that there are any. I’m practically perfect.


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  1. Im so happy for you! This is the type of relationship I have with my husband, although he’s the list-maker and I’m the one he probably wants to throw the (imaginary) cat at, LOL!

    1. Thank you! And, that’s awesome, doesn’t it make all the difference when your husband does something so small, yet so sweet, for you?

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