How to Overpack Your Hospital Bag Properly

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Yup, yup…another baby post! I packed my “hospital bag” (or bags actually) at 35 weeks pregnant. I know it’s a little bit early, but anything could happen, right? I like to be prepared, but more than that I LOVE packing, and I may enjoy making packing lists even more. So, packing was how I spent one very exciting Saturday night…

First, I consulted the baby books. They each come with their own list of “what you need in the hospital.” Then, because I do not trust these books completely I emailed all my Mom-friends (basically everyone…I’m the last one on this baby train). Mom-friends are the best. They are recent Mommys who not only remember everything about having a newborn clearly, but because they’re my best friends and my sister, they aren’t afraid to tell me the truth about everything. I consult them a lot.

After consulting the books, the friends and the Pinterest. I made my list…

lists and books

1. Comfortable pj’s that will be easy to nurse in, yet still look kinda cute. Lots of people are visiting, and photos will be taken, so looking halfway nice is important to me.

2. A robe for covering up and walking around the hospital…can’t wait to look in the nursery at the new babies!

3. Slippers and socks to keep feet warm and to keep from putting on actual shoes when I want to walk around.

4. A going home outfit for me. I know I won’t be back to normal yet (talking about my body), so I packed leggings and a comfortable lose fitting shirt.

5. PJ’s for baby girl. Confession: I had to google “baby pj’s” to find out what exactly “baby pj’s” are. To me, most of the newborn clothes look like pj’s so I had to make sure I packed what is actually considered “pj’s”.

6. Going home outfit for the baby.

7. Important documents: i.d., insurance card, birth certificate packet, whatever. If you have a birthing plan you probably want to pack that too. I do not have a birthing plan. Well, actually mine looks like this: Give birth. That’s about it.

8. Toiletries! Luckily, I have these pre-packed in my suitcase already so I just had to move that bag into my hospital bag. It includes my toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face lotion, yada yada yada (all travel size).

9. Make-up. Alright, do not judge me. Again, I know photos will be taken and I’ld like to have a little cover up, mascara and perhaps some lip-gloss on before I’m plastered all over Facebook with my new baby. I actually got some travel-sized Josie Maran cosmetics for Christmas so it was easy to pack this too.

10. And, of course, hair products…bobby pins, hairbands, and headbands.

11. A nursing bra. I had no idea what size to get because I assume the ladies will change once the baby is born so I just got an inexpensive one from Wal-Mart. It fits great too, and was like a billion times cheaper than the local maternity store.

12. Clothes for the Husband. He thinks I’m a bit ridiculous and over prepared so I didn’t even ask him to pick anything. I just grabbed some clothes for him. He’ll never know they’re  gone.

13. Snacks! Snacks for the Husband and snacks for me once the baby is born.

14. A few baby products… The hospital provides most of these things, but just in case I brought a few diapers, wipes, rash cream, a blanket and an extra onesie.

15. Nursing pads.

16. DVD’s. The hospital rooms all provide DVD players, and from what I’m told i’ll be up most of the nights so why not bring something to keep myself entertained?

17. Giant pads and giant granny panties. EVERYONE insists that the “giants” of both are more than necessary.

18. Lanolin cream.

19. Eucerin calming lotion for itchy skin.

20. A nipple shield.

21. AND, last, but not least I made one more list. A list of things I cannot pack, but will need to grab as we leave for the hospital: camera, camera charger, phone chargers, iPad and charger, 3DS (for Husband, clearly), pants for Husband, and my Boppy.

Of course, don’t forget to have your carseat installed. Ours is in and ready. It’s pretty complicated, for us anyways, so we didn’t want to save it for last-minute.  I know a lot of people pack music too, but I’ll just use my phone or iPad. It’s what I use now anyways and I always keep headphones in my purse so I’ll have those if I need them.

We are totally over-packed and ready, but I’ve got to ask…do you think I forgot anything?


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  1. When I had Hannah, they returned her to me after cleaning her up in the nursery & asked if I had a pacifier. I was not really concerned about pacifiers & did not pack any (honestly I think I was trying not to use one for some reason). They suggested that I may rethink getting one because Hannah was “very oral”. All I could think was WTH does that mean?!?! We soon found out as she grabbed on to a pacifier someone found for her with both tiny fists & sucked away.
    That being said…might want to throw one in…just in case Luna is “very oral”. 🙂

    1. haha, haven’t heard that one! I’ll definitely toss one in there, can’t hurt!

    2. actually, now that I’m thinking about it…I’m not sure if I have any..hmm i trip to Target may be needed.

  2. The soothies brand is the one normally used in hospitals and you can find them in store. Orion still loves that brand and it’s the only one he’ll take when he wants to take one 🙂 Your list looks good to me… mostly everything I packed! I even packed make-up but by that point after he was born.. I was so exhausted and in a little pain that I didn’t even bother and I still don’t bother at times! lol! Can’t wait to meet Luna! 🙂

    1. you looked great when I went to see you…really tired, but great! haha You are lucky though, you have such good skin!

  3. Well thanks because I’m pretty sure I was feeling like a troll at that point 😉 ha ha

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