Down by the Bayou

While visiting friends and family in Texas last week we had a crawfish boil! Crawfish boils are crazy popular where I grew up. Most of us are at least part Cajun and either had or were invited to crawfish boils for basically every occasion in the spring. Easter, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Memorial weekend or any get together that consisted of 4 or more people usually involves crawfish, corn and potatoes this time of year. It’s glorious.



Since, this is a southern and mostly Cajun tradition I miss it dearly every year. People in the north jus don’t get it. My parents understand the importance of good spicy food so they put together a boil the second they knew we were coming to visit. Lots of family came over and we managed to eat 120 pounds of crawfish.


Every time we have a crawfish boil or barbecue my Dad’s side-by-side manages to make an appearance too. Almost everyone took a ride through the yard, around the neighborhood and down to the bayou. I let my 5-year-old cousin control the wheel while I controlled the gas. Luna even had her first ride around the yard.




Speaking of my little cousin, Abby, she was so in love with Luna! She followed me around all day wanting to hold her, comfort her, carry her, change her and even breastfeed her! She was completely intrigued when I had to feed her and by the end of the day she was convinced she could to do it too. I told her she needed to be a Mommy first, but she insisted she “could just try it, just one time!”


Of course it was also a day for lots of our family to meet Luna. She was a little overwhelmed with all the traveling, meeting new people, parties and rides, but everyone still loved her fussy butt.

dana aunt mimi joe hat

Anyone else have a special tradition or something they like to do when visiting family?



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