Until Next Time, Texas

I have just a bit more to share from our trip to Texas. We spent most of our time hanging out with my parents who are just beside themselves about being Grandparents. They had fun snuggling, bathing and spoiling Luna. We had fun teasing my Mom who somehow had Luna crying every time she held her, and then stopped the second my Dad held her. I think Luna was enjoying teasing her too. And, my Dad now considers himself the baby expert. Anytime she began to cry he very confidently said, “Let me see her”.

Smiling at her PawPaw
Smiling at her PawPaw

mom bath

One night we decided to go through some old boxes in the attic where we found some of my baby clothes. I took out a handmade dress that I wore at 9 months old and a knitted hat that I will one day put on Luna. We even found my Dad’s christening gown. Then, we hit the jackpot: My Mom’s wedding dress. Her dress was made by her Mother and is probably the teeniest dress ever created. My Mom is a petite 4’11 person, and was so so small when she was married at 19 years old.I attempted to put the dress and it was impossible to zip-up or even put my arms down. I looked like a haunted bride and every picture we took.

so much lace!

We also found her high school drill team costumes and a retro college t-shirt, which is also my alumni.



The best part of our trip was definitely just spending time with our loved ones. Luna is so lucky to have so many friends and family who love her so much. I love our trips to Texas and can’t wait to go back this summer!



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