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How could anyone forget my friend Stacey and her lovely post she shared with us last Friday? She’s the stay-at-home Mom who manages her blog (Mom Upcycles) and runs a fantastic Etsy store. Stacey was not only nice enough to share a bit of inspiration with us, but she also hosted a giveaway here at Positively Panicked!

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First, I should apologize because I was supposed to select the winner yesterday! I am so off…I have thought all day that today is Monday. Oh well, better late than never! The winner of Stacey’s hand-embroidered hoop is…

Meghan Alonso
April 24, 2014 at 9:00 pm Edit
I tried commenting a minute ago so please ignore if this was already posted…
I’d love this! It would be so perfect on the gallery wall I am trying to create in my house!
I love what Stacey had to say. I follow her on Instagram and have always loved her hoops! I actually have a similar post on my blog ( We can’t do it all, and we can’t be so hard on ourselves. We are only human! Stacey’s couch looks like my laundry room. I think as I type this, there are 3 loads waiting to be folded…
Thank you!
Congrats Meghan! Just email ( me your shipping info and I’ll send your info to Stacey. And BTW, you should all check out Meghan’s super cute blog about her little peanut…it’s quite adorable!
And, Stacey, thank you again for being awesome and sharing your life with us! Everyone please visit her at her Facebook, her Etsy story, her Instagram or her blog and see what’s up. I’ll bet your learn something to make your life a little better.

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  1. Aw yay! I’m so excited, thank you!

    1. Congrats, I’m excited for you!

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